How I earned $3447 in affiliate commissions in 30 days

Let me start by saying that I have never been happier in my life.

I come from a small town in India and seeing something like this makes my day.

What would you do if you could earn at least $100 every day from now onwards?

Sounds awesome, right?

Well, I did.


The daily average comes down to $114.9 per day.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have multiple online businesses. I work as a freelance copywriter. I own a high-converting link tracking solution. I work as a social media manager for a couple of companies.

But this money, that you just saw above, is made in a different way altogether.

It’s from WarriorPlus.

And it took me literally an hour per week. Seriously.


Okay, here’s the gist of it: I used solo ads and I sent regular emails to my subscribers.

Hold on a second.

Do solo ads work? You bet they do.

Think about it. If a particular form of paid traffic was not working, do you think it would continue for this long? Of course not.

Now, people normally buy a hundred clicks from someone and they claim solo ads do not work.

I would say that it’s not the form of traffic but rather the RIGHT OFFER that makes the difference.

Ask any successful internet marketer who’s worth his salt and he will tell you the same.

The people who are searching on Google are the same people who are chatting with their friends on Facebook and are the same people who are subscribing to your list through solo ad traffic.

What matters is the type of traffic and how you work that traffic.

Without further ado, let me list down what I did.

  1. Buy a thousand clicks on Udimi platform.
  2. Built a high-converting opt-in page.
  3. Created a value video series.
  4. Send regular emails (value, value, more value)


It cost me $400 (after the high volume discount).

Was it worth it? Well, I earned over 3400 dollars out of it, right?

Now, I have to say that choosing the right vendor can be important.

I followed a particular checklist to choose the right vendor.

My solo ad vendor criteria were:

  • Conversion rate over 50%
  • Return customers rate over 30%
  • Recent testimonials
  • Niche-targeted tier-1 traffic

When I found my guy, I did not wait. I instantly made my order.

Open your free Udimi account and get $5 bonus

(Want to get 100-200 buyer email leads for $0.01 each? Scroll down below.)

The order was delivered within 48 hours.

I got around a 42% opt-in rate and only 2 sales!

So, only two sales out of a thousand visitors. Mind it.

Those sales accounted for $47 each. So, $94 in sales from that run.

I paid $400 for the solo ad order, you remember?

So, it was a total disaster?

No, because I expected it to be so.

You never get a hundred sales right off the bat.

However good a solo ad vendor you might hire, the opt-in rate will probably always be around 30 per cent and sales will be minimal.

Frankly, if you get any, you are lucky.

My opt-in rate was good because of my landing page.


To start with, let’s take a look at an example below.

The 3 essential parts of an opt-in page

  1. Headline/subhead — The big, bold text on the top of the page accounts for eighty cents out of one dollar of traffic! Make sure it talks about the benefit and proves its uniqueness right off the bat. On a squeeze page, the headline and the subhead do most of the job of converting a visitor into a lead.
  2. Video or image — You must ALWAYS use a video or an image that lures your visitor to take further action. Where words lack the power, graphical elements come to rescue. If you ask my opinion, videos work really well to establish the initial trust and rapport in the offer.
  3. Call to Action — It looks like a simple button but do you know that the CTA button can literally move the needle on your opt-in rate? The right colour, the right text and the right size…even the right position…can work wonders at times. I won’t be able to tell you what the perfect combination would be. Only through multiple tests can you find it out.

One piece of wisdom: Always include links to the terms of service, privacy policy, disclaimer and contact pages on your opt-in page. Just make sure you retain the AUTHENTICITY of your offer. It helps!


This is what millionaire internet marketer, and my mentor, Aaron Chen, suggests.

Most people would suggest you send your traffic right to an affiliate offer after they subscribed through the opt-in page.

It does not work that well.

Then some would suggest to include a bridge page in between the opt-in page and the affiliate offer page. The bridge page would amplify the interest of the lead and pre-sell the offer so that if the lead clicks onto the affiliate offer page, you know that he is HIGHLY interested in the offer.

What I do is different from this.

After the visitor opts into my email list, I usually take them on a value journey. A little video course, perhaps. A content email series. Or, even a free eBook. Anything that has value and is free works well.

The idea is to warm up the audience and create a relationship of trust and faith before you promote your offers to them.

Now, one question that seldom arises here is, “are you losing out on sales for the days you are not promoting?” The answer is both yes and no.

Because if you send a promotional email every day, the number of eyeballs on your offers do increase.

However, since you do not nurture the sender-recipient relationship, you are always a stranger to your email list and they do not know, like or trust you.

In this case, you are playing a numbers game.

However, the email strategy I follow is to first build that relationship, and later, let that relationship affect the likelihood of the sale.


“Send two value emails and then a promotional email.”

“Send a value email, then an authority email and then an offer.”

You must have heard of these strategies before right. The truth is, they work.

However, I follow a different tactic so hear me out.

I promote my offers in every email.

Yet I provide value in every email.

That’s how I do it.

The idea is to provide a piece of value every day. It will tell your readers not to miss any email you send.

Then in the P. S. section, I mention the offer. Guess what, you do not need a complete email for your offer. (You can do that from time to time―but not always.)

Think about it. There are literally millions of businesses that promote through Google Adwords or Bing Ads, right?

Now, do they write a big whole paragraph of text to sell their stuff? No.

That one line does the trick.

The target consumer clicks on the link and is then taken to the offer page. He either takes action or does not.

If he does, the advertiser got a sale.

If he does not, the advertiser probably keeps on following up through retarget ads until he does.

Come to think about it, isn’t that what I am doing in my emails?

I am providing something of value just like the search engine does. I also link to further RELEVANT offers for you to check out.

This model works, my friend.

This email funnel has generated me over THREE THOUSAND in the 30 days.

From the solo ad traffic, I generated only two sales. The rest came from this email funnel. That’s how powerful it is.


While I continue to use Udimi as a super fast and targeted traffic source, I have found a great way to collect email leads.

It’s actually a paid service that provides you with pre-qualified and opted-in email leads for $0.01 each.

The service starts with 100 leads per day.

However, if you can bring another referral, they increase it to 200 leads per day.

The more referrals you bring, the more leads you get.

As simple as that.

In a month, I gain 3000 leads for merely $1 a day.

Or, maybe 6,000…or 12,000…or 24,0000…you get the idea.

Amazing, right?

Even if you could not bring any referral, you will still get 3,000 leads every month.

I not only build my list through solo ads but also through this paid source.

If you want to know more about it, here you go.

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