Why you should buy solo ads (+ a case study leading to $50,000 in sales)

Before I answer why you should buy solo ads, let’s talk about this guy first.

Ever heard of James Fawcett? You probably haven’t.

Here’s his FB profile.

What’s special about this guy is that while most of us complain about how the solo ad traffic is low in quality, or that it never converts, or that it’s a waste of time and money, he didn’t listen to any of that.

He went on his way to start with a hundred clicks and reach a point today where he is buying thousands of clicks every single day.


What guy would be crazy enough to spend thousands and thousands of dollars every day if it was not working, right?

Common sense.


Here’s his online interview with Wayne Crowe.

Listen, solo ads work.

Only if you know how to make them work.

3 things to make money from solo ad traffic

Number 1. The quality of the solo ad traffic should be reasonably good. Do remember that not all traffic is equal and not all vendors are worth the money. So, when you are looking to buy solo ad traffic, make sure the average opt-in rate and the conversion rate of the vendor. Check if he gets a lot of testimonials every day. Check out whether he has an email list in your niche or not.

Here are a few vendors I personally recommend:

Indulis Staskiewicz

Aleksandrs Meisars

Mark Lee

Ali Lihic

Jorge Delgado

Eric Myron Zbegner

Glenn Fedoruk

Number 2. Your funnel must be conversion-optimized. Even if you get the highest quality traffic―forget solo ads, even Google Ads or Facebook Ads―none of them will work if you don’t have a sales-optimized funnel. Do understand that considering the target is targeted, why would they not convert on the face of a really, really good offer? Consumers love to buy. So, if you all those potential buyers are landing on your web page and are not signing up with their email addresses or buying that $47 offer, something’s wrong for sure.

Number 3. You must have something worthwhile to sell. This is the last piece of the puzzle. You might have the best traffic in the world. Your funnel must be all ready to fire up Hades from the Underworld. But if your product is not good enough or is not fit for the market, it will not sell. Marketing 101. When you are starting out, it is always better to sell your own product first. The more value you start with your new subscriber, the longer they are going to listen to you.

If you could take away one piece of wisdom from this writeup, it’s to know that SOLO ADS WORK GREAT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK IT.

Check the video below to learn about affiliate marketing through solo ad traffic.

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Why You Should Buy Solo Ads

Yes solo ads are still alive and kicking in 2017! If you’ve been following me on Twitter I have mentioned solo ads a few times now. A lot of people think solo ads are some how dead or that they don’t work anymore but this is far from the truth. solo ads still work and I’ll tell you why solo ads are great for traffic.

1st Reason Solo Ads Work: Facebooks Algorithm

Facebook updated their algorithm in early 2017 to help with click farms, spam accounts etc however solo ads are still alive because solo ads follow all of the rules Instagram and Facebook have put in place. If your solo ad is bought then Facebook know you are not a spam account, solo ads are still alive because solo ads follow all the rules set by Instagram and Facebook.

2nd Reason Solo Ads Work: Your solo ad follows all of the rules

Instagram and Facebook have put in place to stop spam accounts etc solo ads work because solo ads follow all of the rules Facebook and Instagram have put in place. If your solo ad is bought then it follows all of the rules both Facebook and Instagram have put in place solo ads work because solo ads follow all of the rules set by Facebook and Instagram.

3rd Reason Solo Ads Work: Your solo ad is not clickfarm spammy

A lot of solo ads are actually bought for solo ads and solo ad providers try their best to make solo ads look natural and click farm free as most people think solo ads are spammy solo ads work because your solo ad is not click farm spammy.

4th Reason Solo Ads Work: Your solo ad has no time limit

A lot of Instagrammers (people who post on Instagram) have time limits solo ads work because your solo ad has no time limit meaning you can buy multiple solo ads with the same solo ad provider and this helps to build up a relationship with that solo ad provider.

5th Reason Solo Ads Work: You are targeting REAL people

The main reason solo ads work is solo ads are targeted solo ads work because solo ad providers are targeting REAL people.

What’s great about solo ads is you can buy solo ads and target websites, your own website, Instagram account or Facebook page. If you have an Instagram account that has a large following this might be the perfect way to get some extra visitors on your site solo ads are a great way to get traffic solo ads work because solo ad providers are targeting REAL people.

Who should use solo adverts for marketing?

You should try solo ads for marketing if:

You don’t have a lot of money to spend on marketing: The most affordable approach to evaluate the effectiveness of solo advertisements is $200. The process is simple, and all it takes is a few hundred dollars to evaluate how effective solo advertising are. You’ll undoubtedly plan to use solo ads to promote your items and services again in the near future.

PPC is not a feasible solution: Many businesses and companies all around the world are utilizing pay per click or PPC advertising to bring visitors to their websites. These advertisements do not guarantee quick conversion. Furthermore, pay per click advertisements are expensive. Solo ads have been shown to be more successful and cost-effective than PPC ads. As a result, you would want to give them a try.

Your topic is overly saturated.: The internet is overflowing with material about affiliate marketing, weight loss, and other topics. It would be difficult to grab the top position and attract consumers, especially when thousands of others are attempting the same thing. Try something unique like solo advertising to reach your target customers without difficulty.

Your business cannot sustain the expenses of SEO over time.: Search engine optimization is the most effective technique to bring a website top in the search results. It is a continuing process that requires a huge investment. Many SMBs cannot spend that much money to draw the target audience on their websites. Therefore, solo ads seem like a more affordable and feasible solution than SEO.

You want to get a lot of people to visit your page quickly.: SEO can’t help you if you’re launching a new product and want to attract a lot of visitors to your website. On the other hand, solo adverts may rapidly transform your website into one of the most popular on the internet.

What are the best ways to purchase solo ads?

Before purchasing solo advertisements, there are a few things you should think about. As a result, you may be more successful with your solo ad campaign.

Look for a company that offers guaranteed clicks.

When you deal with a solo ad provider, make sure to inquire about the guaranteed clicks on your website. The list owner should guarantee a certain number of clicks on your site. He will charge money based on the number of times users click on your website, for example, $100 per 300 clicks.

Always read client testimonials.

Solo ad providers, like any other company, may make grandiose claims about the efficacy of their advertisements. You should not investigate on their websites for client testimonies. Examine what the clients have to say about their services yourself on their sites.

Learn more about how that individual has built lists.

It’s fine if the people who signed up for your newsletter agreed to share their email lists for some freebies. It’s not OK if you’re getting your list from someone else and selling it as a solo ad provider. You should avoid purchasing such a list in order to seek out files with real subscribers.

Before purchasing solo ads, you should read the refund policy. If you do not receive the expected clicks on your website, you will seek a refund under the terms of the policy.