This guy is making $50k per month through solo ads

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Ever heard of James Fawcett? You probably haven’t.

Here’s his FB profile.

What’s special about this guy is that while most of us complain about how the solo ad traffic is low in quality, or that it never converts, or that it’s a waste of time and money, he didn’t listen to any of that.

He went on his way to start with a hundred clicks and reach a point today where he is buying thousands of clicks every single day.


What guy would be crazy enough to spend thousands and thousands of dollars every day if it was not working, right?

Common sense.


Here’s his online interview with Wayne Crowe.

Listen, solo ads work.

Only if you know how to make them work.

3 things to make money from solo ad traffic

Number 1. The quality of the solo ad traffic should be reasonably good. Do remember that not all traffic is equal and not all vendors are worth the money. So, when you are looking to buy solo ad traffic, make sure the average opt-in rate and the conversion rate of the vendor. Check if he gets a lot of testimonials every day. Check out whether he has an email list in your niche or not.

Here are a few vendors I personally recommend:

Indulis Staskiewicz

Aleksandrs Meisars

Mark Lee

Ali Lihic

Jorge Delgado

Eric Myron Zbegner

Glenn Fedoruk

Number 2. Your funnel must be conversion-optimized. Even if you get the highest quality traffic―forget solo ads, even Google Ads or Facebook Ads―none of them will work if you don’t have a sales-optimized funnel. Do understand that considering the target is targeted, why would they not convert on the face of a really, really good offer? Consumers love to buy. So, if you all those potential buyers are landing on your web page and are not signing up with their email addresses or buying that $47 offer, something’s wrong for sure.

Number 3. You must have something worthwhile to sell. This is the last piece of the puzzle. You might have the best traffic in the world. Your funnel must be all ready to fire up Hades from the Underworld. But if your product is not good enough or is not fit for the market, it will not sell. Marketing 101. When you are starting out, it is always better to sell your own product first. The more value you start with your new subscriber, the longer they are going to listen to you.

If you could take away one piece of wisdom from this writeup, it’s to know that SOLO ADS WORK GREAT IF YOU KNOW HOW TO WORK IT.

Check the video below to learn about affiliate marketing through solo ad traffic.


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