8 Profit Activators by Dean Jackson & Joe Polish

12 minute affiliate marketing

In this summary you are going to learn how to trigger 8 Profit Activators that will create a Breakthrough for you in your business results. And that breakthrough starts when you stop thinking of your business as ONE thing, and divide your business into 3 core divisions:

First, the Before Unit is in charge of finding, identifying, educating and motivating people to come into your business for the first time.

Second, the During Unit delivers the experience that people have when they’re doing business with you, starting from their first contact with you.

And lastly, the After Unit is all about nurturing lifetime relationships with all of the people who already know you, like you and trust you, so that they do business with you again and so that you can orchestrate referrals.

Within these 3 core divisions lie the 8 profit activators, when combined, will quite literally change your business forever.

Let’s get started.

Before Unit: Profit Activator #1: Narrow Your Focus and Select ONE Target Market (at a time)

Who are you going to serve?

The big mistake that a lot of business owners make is trying to think about and capture the broadest possible audience for their business, trying to be too much to too many people. It’s like being a pig farmer, versus an albino pig farmer. Especially if you have a product specifically geared for albino pig farmers, and where albino pig farmers make 10x more profit than the regular pig farmer.

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