About BizeReads

Short, snappy, and to-the-point. That’s what BizeReads is like.

BizeReads is a unique publication focusing on making money online niche, to give you proper factual information about EVERYTHING that matters and beyond that. We are a team of passionate writers who love to write about stuff we want and that you would love to read. We publish on this blog regularly, especially 2-3 times a week.

The idea behind creating BizeReads is that we tend to see how publications tend to become a little stilted and produce rehashed content that does not produce any real value. At BizeReads, we aim to produce what has not been covered before.

What separates BizeReads from the rest?

We produce short-form content. (2 minutes max out of your busy schedule)

Entertaining and informational. (we got only the best for you.)

Transparent, honest reviews (top products that we came across and fell in love with.)

Who is the Chief BizeReader?

Suman Chatterjee, from India, is our chief BizeReader.

suman chatterjee

Suman has been in the publishing industry for over 12 years, and his work has been published in B2C Community, Seeking Alpha, Buzzfeed, Medium, WordPress, and several other well-known publications.

When Suman is not editing the articles or looking over the theme configurations of the website, he loves to play chess and read about esoteric, metaphysical topics. (Yes, he is a complete nerd!)

Contact him here: ron@bizereads.com

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