Anyone who receives such a suspicious email or sms should by no means click!

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Magyar Posta warns against phishing.

Fraudsters send deceptive e-mails and sms using the name and image elements and logo of Magyar Posta, and several reports have been received by the post office, the company pointed out on Wednesday.

In addition, the Cyber ​​Defense Institute warns of fraudulent e-mails referring to a Covid ID!

Returning to the news in the address, according to the announcement of Magyar Posta, in order to receive a package in a fake email or sms, they are asked to agree on the delivery address and / or pay the fee. However, clicking on the “Click here”, “Pay online” or “Send me the package” or similar link in the email will take the recipient to a phishing website and the information provided here will be obtained by fraudsters.

Anyone who receives such a suspicious email or sms is asked not to click on the links or provide any information in any way!

Magyar Posta sends online or sms payment notifications only in connection with the settlement of customs clearance fees in the case of international items, in which case the link is included.

Please note that if your item contains a tracking code, you can access the authentic delivery information at any time by entering the code on the Post Office’s website.

As written, suspicion, caution may be caused by non-Hungarian wording, misspellings, or even if you have not ordered a package, you will still be notified to pay for the package you ordered. The promise of an overly promising, expensive phone or other prize can always be a reason for consideration and caution. They recommend that you always check the authenticity of the ad or notification and make sure that the message was indeed received from the company’s official email address or phone number. If in doubt or suspicion, feel free to contact the Post’s customer service and ask for confirmation.

Magyar Posta takes customer reports about misleading notifications seriously and, in addition to informing the public, also informs the authority entitled to take action, the announcement states.