Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs up for auction for more than $ 700,000

This week, an auction ended that included a good number of historical Apple products. As on previous occasions, the admirers of the Cupertino company have staged a series of bids to take at least one of the items exhibited to their home (or museum). A Apple II manual signed by Steve Jobs , for example, was the most expensive of the event. It was sold for nothing more and nothing less than $ 787,483 dollars .

This is a 196-page book that Jobs and Mike Markkula was dedicated to Julian Brewer, the son of Michael Brewer, who had been in charge of negotiating Apple’s distribution rights in the United Kingdom during 1979. It must be remembered that at that time the company was in full growth. A highlight is the fact that the manual is dedicated to one person, since the Apple co-founder was not used to doing that.

“Julian, your generation is the first growing up with computers. Go change the world! Steven Jobs, 1980, “read the dedication. In the text, you can see the security that Steve Jobs had in the work they were doing. Precisely, the Apple II was a computer that marked a before and after for Apple, as it was the first mass-produced computer.

Other objects related to Steve Jobs

RR Auctions , the auction site that sold the Apple II manual, also auctioned other objects of interest to fans of the Apple co-founder and, as on other occasions, all of them reached exorbitant numbers. A letter from Steve Jobs saying “I’m afraid I’m not signing autographs” to someone who asked for one sold for $ 479,939 , while a NeXTSTEP operating system package fetched $ 210,325 .

An Apple I computer, which was owned by Roger Wagner, was awarded for $ 464,876 . Of course, it is a significantly lower price than those achieved by the same computer in other auctions. A bid of $ 132,049 allowed a buyer to pick up a Macintosh 128K motherboard. An Apple Lisa, meanwhile, sold for $ 94,949. The bomber jacket that Steve Jobs wore in the well-known photo in which he makes a ‘comb’ to the IBM logo in New York sold for $ 66,466.