Are JVZoo and W+ products all scams (from affiliate marketer’s perspective)?

Nope, who told you that? In fact, I myself am planning to launch my first course on WarriorPlus in the next few weeks.

Yes, a bunch of products are crappy (and those are often from the same vendors). You should AVOID those vendors and NEVER buy their product even if the sales page screams at you to go for it.

For the rest of the products that are reasonably good, you can go ahead and promote them to your audience and make money. Easy peasy!

However, you need to understand one thing though.

Starting out on JVZoo and W+ as an affiliate is not easy.

FIrst off, no product is auto approved and you have to wait for the vendor to approve you first.

So, if you are thinking of “launch jacking” as a newbie, forget about it.

The trick is to grow your affiliate rating first.

How? Sell, sell and sell some more.

You have to keep doing it for some time. Once you get a good affiliate rating, you can approach any vendor to approve your request or give you JV access to their product.

Tough, isn’t it?

Well, which moneymaking method is not, my friend?

Check out the video below.

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