Authentic Happiness by Martin Seligman

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What is happiness?

It’s a word that has been at the heart of endless debates over the years. Martin Seligman, the grandfather of the positive psychology movement tells us that happiness comes from many routes.

As a quick side note – positive psychology is a stream of psychology that looks at what it means to live a happy and fulfilled life. Until recently, almost all of psychology was focussed on how to help people with mental illnesses like depression overcome them. In this summary of his book Authentic Happiness, we’ll cover those different routes, discuss why they matter, and give you concrete suggestions on how you can incorporate more of them into your life. Join us for the next 12 minutes as we explore what it means to life a happy, meaningful life.

Why Be Happy?

We’ll start this summary at the beginning, discussing why we should even want to be happy in the first place. Barbara Fredrickson was the original winner of the Templeton Positive Psychology Prize in 2000. Her theory suggests that positive emotions have a purpose in evolution. In particular, they broaden our intellectual, physical and social resources, building up reserves we can draw on when a threat or opportunity appears.

Why does this happen?

When we are in a good mood, people like us better and we are much more likely to create friends, find love, and make coalitions with other people or groups. We are also much more open to new ideas and new experiences, which is at the core of evolutionary behavior.

Why does this matter? Happiness is directly and positively correlated to job satisfaction, productivity, and income. Being happy has its advantages.

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