Awesomely Simple by John Spence

12 minute affiliate marketing

What if there was a guy who read a hundred business books a year for almost 20 years and worked with some of the worlds largest and most successful companies over that time.

What if that guy boiled down everything he learned from those experiences in to less than two hundred pages.

And what if there is another guy who boiled those two hundred pages down into ten minutes (that’s me).

In the next ten minutes you’re going to learn the 6 steps to making any business grow and prosper.

There are two types of simplicity. Simplicity on the near side of complexity which Oliver Wendell Holmes famously said he wouldn’t give a fig for. And then there’s simplicity on the far side of complexity that he famously said he would give his life for.

This book focuses on the latter. And while I certainly don’t think this book is worth giving your life for, it certainly is worth paying attention to.

Here we go…

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