Motorbikes “destroy” the cameras of the iPhone

Engine Vibrations Can Destroy iPhone Camera Sensors, Apple Warns - The Hack  Posts

Apple last Friday warned iPhone users that exposing their device to strong vibrations, such as those of a camera, could adversely affect the stabilization or autofocus system, resulting in reduced image quality. As the company explains in an official support document, such vibrations can cause long-term problems with the iPhone camera system. In fact, high-capacity cameras are Apple’s # 1 risk.

Modern iPhone models feature optical image stabilization and autofocus systems. These mechanisms, although designed to withstand, their performance can be slowed down in the long run due to prolonged exposure to such vibrations as those transmitted from the engine chassis or handles. Apple specifically recommends that you do not attach the iPhone to high-capacity engines, and you should have special shock-absorbing mounts when attaching it to scooters or electric bikes.

As noted by Macrumors, who first identified the document Apple’s support, some iPhone users complain about camera failures, from exposure of the device to violent vibrations, although the problem does not seem to be so widespread. We do not know why Apple chose to issue this warning, just days before the launch of the iPhone.