Best affiliate marketing niches for 2021

The most common question that we get from beginner affiliates is, what is the best niche to be in to build a profitable affiliate marketing business.

Now selecting the right niche is a very important first step for affiliates… and it’s going to dictate your offer, your messaging and ultimately how you promote it. That’s why in this article, I want to dive into the best affiliate marketing niche to be in so that you can make big profits in 2021.

Before we get into the best niches for 2021, I want you to first understand the…

Key characteristics of a good niche

The first thing is wide global reach. We want to make sure we can reach everybody and also it applies to everybody (or as many people as practically possible) around the world.

The second thing is that it’s year-round relevant. We don’t want to sell something that’s only relevant for winter or summer. We want to make sure it’s year-round relevant so we can make sales every single day.

Okay, number three is product diversity (or universality). We want to make sure that we can have different products to sell within that niche. We don’t want to just fixate ourselves with just one product. We want to sell multiple products, so we can develop multiple income streams.

The last thing is, it’s proven to be profitable. We want to see if there is someone that’s already killing it and making a ton of money inside that niche. Because if they are, what we have to do is model off what they’re doing, model off the successful people in the niche and then make it work for ourselves.

Those are four characteristics for finding a profitable niche.

So let’s dive into niche number one on our list. First on our list is the technology niche. This is an amazing niche to be in—so many new equipments, so many new gadgets, so many new things releasing every single week—and this is something that will not fall off a trend soon.

So what that means as an affiliate is, there’s going to be tons of things to talk about and also tons of opportunities within. There are tons of people killing it inside this space, for example, an enormous YouTube channel called ThinkMedia. What they do is they teach people how to run YouTube channels and they have tons of videos reviewing microphones, camera tripods. If you see down in the description of their videos, there’s always going to be an affiliate link.

A great opportunity right now inside the tech niche is remote work tools.

See with everything that’s going on with the pandemic and just everything that’s happening around the world…

There’s many people working from home, like you know, we’re working from home right now and since so many people are working from home, the demand for remote work tools are increasing, like for example noise canceling headphones, ring lights, cameras, laptop stands, standing tables, remote working software.

These are all things that I have purchased just because I have to work from home and there’re tons of people like myself.

A good way to go about it is to start you know picking a bunch of these products that are remote work related or work from home related and start making reviews on it either on YouTube or on your blog. This is definitely going to be the best way to get started and leave the affiliate links down in the description or in your blog post.

You can use affiliate programs from Amazon, Walmart or Target. Focus more on physical products to help you monetize those reviews initially.

The second one on the list is the health and fitness niche. This is a niche that is evergreen, super big, and will not expire ever.

There’s always people searching on how to get healthier, how to stay fit, and especially during these times.

A good opportunity within this niche is to focus more on how to stay healthy and how to stay fit in a home environment because many people are stuck at home right now.

Things like home gym equipment are definitely trending right now. If I were to dive into this space, that’s the direction I would head towards. Again, there’re tons of people killing it inside the space. See what’s working already in that niche and model off them.

Number three is the beauty and makeup niche. This is a niche is known mostly for girls and sometimes for guys as well. But it’s a huge, huge huge niche. There’s a vast audience around it.

It is a little competitive, but because of how big it is, it’s like the most watched category on YouTube. So there is definitely opportunity left there to build a profitable business from. What I’ve seen work really well is to build a brand using the video platform, for example, TikTok.

I see a lot of these makeup and beauty influencers using this platform showcasing different products. Either directing them to a link to some sort of sales process or to their YouTube channel where they can monetize them there.

I think, as an affiliate marketer, if you want to be in the beauty and makeup niche, I think TikTok is a good way to get started.

Number four on the list is the pet care niche. If you’ve ever owned a pet or you’re a pet lover, you know you treat them like a family member… and what that means is you’re willing to spend a ton of money on your pets. This is an industry that’s growing beyond like you know, just chewable toys—like there’re GPS callers! Tons of exceptional products that you can promote as an affiliate inside the pet care niche.

It’s definitely a niche that is pretty lucrative… and the best thing is, it is relatively lower competition compared to the bigger niches like the health and fitness, make money online, the relationship niche, etc.

As a beginner affiliate, it is an easier niche to dive into when you first starting.

Number five is the make money online niche. This is a huge niche, especially what’s going on around the world right now.

There are a ton of people wanting to make money online or looking to build an extra stream of income.

There are a ton of high quality courses coaching programs, virtual events, masterminds, software that you can promote. Typically, these products and offers, they are higher ticket products because of the nature of MMO niche.

People are willing to pay higher ticket price points and what that means is you can make a higher ticket commission. This is actually how we got started.

Last but not least, we have the relationship niche. This is obviously a very profitable niche is one of the big three niches: the health, wealth and relationship.

What I’ve seen to be very profitable inside this niche is you know a lot of people like to focus on dating and how to pick up chicks and things like that… but I think what’s really profitable is how to maintain a relationship, especially when everybody is at home right now.

So things that revolve around that, you know, that topic of maintaining a good relationship, how to have a healthy relationship even when you’re stuck at home…these are trending topics within the relationship niche.

And there’re tons of courses and online programs that revolve around the relationship niche. That means, as an affiliate, there’re tons of opportunities and products that you can promote as well.

So those are the six best niches to be in as an affiliate marketer in 2021. It’s important to pick one that is profitable, but make sure you pick one that you enjoy.

Just ask yourself the simple question, “is this a niche that I can put out content consistently for up to a year without feeling bored?”

If your answer is yes, then this is definitely a niche that you would want to consider and be in. But if your answer is no, then personally, I would stay away from it and remember the niches that I listed today. There are subniches within those niches. Those are also very profitable to be in.

I would definitely recommend niching down and narrowing down your focus a little. So see which other sub niches that might interest you within the ones that I’ve listed today.

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