Blogging…Easy Way or Hard Way?

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How can I blog the easy way?

Well, I paraphrase of course.

The actual statements are things like…

  • isn’t there any easier way,
  • do you have a good shortcut,
  • can’t I just do it like this instead,
  • you mean I really have to do that,
  • I don’t think I’d be able to do that,
  • that takes way too much time,
  • I’m not really good at that.

You get the point.

When things get too tough, bloggers, like anybody else I guess, look for the easy way out.

Blogging … “easy” may be easy but not good

Here’s the thing about shortcuts and easy ways… they rarely help your blog.

They may help you.

More time and less stress.

But they almost never help your blog.

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