Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

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Regardless of your upbringing or the cards that life dealt you, you have the capacity for greatness. David Goggins shares his story to illuminate a proven path to self-mastery and empower you to face reality, hold yourself accountable, push past pain, learn to love what you fear, relish failure, live to your fullest potential and find out who you really are.

Goggins was raised in Buffalo, New York in a nice, suburban neighborhood. On the surface, his life looked like the American Dream. But in reality, it was a nightmare. His father, Trunnis Goggins, built one of Buffalo’s first roller skating rinks and David spent every evening working the concession stand or renting out skates. When Skateland closed at 10pm, he would clean the rink with his brother and mother for a few hours before falling asleep on the office sofa.

Trunnis cheated on his mother frequently and was physically and emotionally abusive, but she had no independent means whatsoever, so she couldn’t leave him. He often beat David and his brother, too. Finally, a neighbor encouraged his mother to plan her escape. She got a credit card in her name and left Goggins. She took David and his brother to her parents’ house in Indiana, where they lived for the next six months.

He enrolled in second grade at a local Catholic school, where his teacher spent extra time with him because he was struggling with the lessons. David and his mother moved into their own place. His brother, Trunnis Jr., went back to Buffalo within a few months to live with his dad.

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