Classic Microsoft case: Windows 11 without Android application support at launch

Are you tired of Microsoft announcing something and then either delaying it or canceling it altogether? U.S. too. And one such case is with the support of Android applications in Windows 11.

The company, just a few hours ago, announced that Windows 11 will make its official debut on October 5, after from several months in beta, however this major upgrade will come without with one of the most distinctive features. At launch, Windows 11 users will not be able to download Android apps from the Microsoft Store.

This feature for running Android apps natively is one of the biggest features of the new operating system, or better yet. new upgrade. It’s something we never saw in the beta period and between us, our first suspicions arose from the first day of the release of the first beta.

Of course, we should not be completely disappointed, as the company is in a hurry to confirm that the feature will be tested with Windows Insiders in the coming months. We do not know when it will arrive, but it will definitely go for 2022.