How to promote ClickBank offers with Facebook ads

Facebook ads are one of the most powerful tools you can use for promoting ClickBank products. However, they work best when used together with other marketing strategies such as email outreach and PPC (pay per click) on search engines like Google AdWords or BingAds.

Let’s look at each strategy in some detail below and how it should be implemented within your own business model!

The goal here is not to bombard you with information but to give you a quick start and help generate more conversions for your business.

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What’s the best strategy to promote ClickBank offers on Facebook Ads?

This is a question that I hear every day, mostly because people want to make money online. So today, we are going to cover the best Facebook Ads strategies for promoting ClickBank products and how you can maximize your earnings by doing this!

The first thing that you have to do is define your goals before starting anything. What kind of results do you expect? How much time will it take? How many leads should be generated per month or week? These questions need answers too so keep them in mind when building any strategy with us. This way, we’ll know if our recommendations fit what’s required from the start.

We’re not here just to promote ClickBank offers; instead we’re here to build our audience (or subscriber list) first.

In order for you to get more leads, your best option is Facebook Ads since it can be targeted very precisely and gives you the opportunity to retarget users who saw your campaigns but didn’t purchase anything yet. Another benefit of using FB ads is that they can also help in conversion rate optimization (CRO) by collecting data on how many people click on each offer or ad unit and where these clicks come from – this helps us optimize our website over time so we can increase conversions! In fact, 80 percent of all advertising should be focused around driving traffic with a goal in mind; if not then what’s the point?

This has helped me build my list of 2,000+ subscribers which I’m now making an average of $3500 per month.

Remember, our goal here is building an email list – and only then will your business start making serious money online. You need traffic first, which means using targeted Facebook ads as part of your marketing strategy; once people see value in what they receive (your offer), they’ll want more from you-this is where eCommerce comes into play with ClickBank products linked up all throughout the process until someone becomes happy customer, right? It’s important not to neglect any link of this chain because it’s been proven that 80% of your marketing success will be determined by how well you follow the steps.

We’ve seen amazing results and we think you can do even better!

The first step of our strategy is to create a campaign with Facebook ads targeting interests related to what kind of products/offers you have to promote. Don’t be afraid of using broad keywords like weight loss, make money online or eCommerce since Facebook will give us many other options we can choose from thanks to their detailed targeting system which allows for providing as much information as possible when creating a new campaign.

Once the ad is ready and running (this doesn’t take long at all), we recommend finding affiliates for your products through the Facebook ad manager. This will help you get more leads from those people clicking on your ads, which means that it’s a win-win situation since they can make money too if someone decides to buy one of your offers!

Learning how to do something is the first step to building a successful business online.

The third and final step of our strategy would be focusing on your offer like we already talked about over here. This means that you need to choose something related to what people are clicking on, not necessarily based on conversions or leads – remember this post is all about getting quality traffic with Facebook ads, not just targeting for the sake of it. Once you’ve got your offer ready to go and optimized based on information gathered from these first two steps, you can start promoting affiliate offers like we mentioned above with FB ads.

Once all this is done over a period of time (days or weeks depending on how much money you want to invest), you’ll start seeing much better conversions and more leads thanks to a higher CTR (click through rate). This is just the beginning because people who are interested in your products will be eager to find out more about them, which means it’s time for follow up emails.

Don’t forget that this process can take some time, but if you implement it correctly, the results will pay off!

Difference between ROI and CPM on Facebook Ads

The results of Facebook ads are not easy to track. The way that ad platforms work is different from Google AdWords, and it can be hard to understand what’s going on when you first start using them. For example, with Google AdWords if your CPM (cost per thousand impressions) was $20 for the month then your ROI would probably also be around $20 based on how many clicks those same ads got. Now let’s say that I had one particular set of keywords I used all year long that brought me thousands of visitors every single day over a few months time…but my cost per click was very high and in general none of these people were clicking through or converting into buyers at all! However…the CTR (click through rate) was very high and I had an extremely low CPC.

Facebook ads can be incredibly complex to use the right way, but if you find yourself getting a lot of traffic from them then it’s probably worth learning more about how they work and optimizing your campaigns for higher profits each month. Just like with any online advertising platform there are always going to be pitfalls that cost people potentially thousands of dollars in lost revenue every year so make sure you’re aware of what those traps might look like before throwing money at Facebook or Google AdWords blindly without knowing exactly what’s happening behind the scenes! Here is a quick breakdown on some things to consider when choosing between CPM vs ROI.

CPM – Cost per thousand impressions means that you are only charged when a website visitor views your ad. CPM is the most common pricing model for banner ads on websites.

ROI – Return On Investment can be tricky with Facebook because it’s not easy to track exactly where each link came from (when someone shares or clicks through one of my links to buy something). Sometimes I might pay more money in advertising costs than what ends up coming back as profit but this can happen if there was an affiliate involved and they got paid their commission before me so technically I didn’t make all the sale myself. With Google AdWords at least you know how much traffic actually comes from each source which makes ROI calculation easier, and CPC is usually pretty low unless people have high CTR or low CPC.

Pros and cons of Facebook Ads (for ClickBank offers)

pros and cons of facebook ads

First of all, Facebook ads are a great way to get your name out there. If you have an unknown product or service – then this is the best tool for you! You can easily target specific audiences and make sure that only interested individuals will see your ad. This means more clicks on your website which will lead to better results in the end!

Another benefit is related directly with targeting people who are into online shopping as well as making them click through to your site. Keep in mind that when it comes down to eCommerce – most customers prefer using their mobile phones instead of desktops/laptops so they need something fast and easy. Nowadays, almost everyone knows how Facebook ads work but even if they don’t know – they will click on your ad and visit your website.

The last but not least benefit is related to the fact that you can control how much money do you want to spend per day, week or month. This means no more overspending, which in return leads to better results!

Now let’s see some of the cons associated with this marketing tool:

Even though Facebook ads are really easy to create – it takes time in order for them to work properly. You need a lot of patience when it comes down promoting things online because sometimes people don’t know what they want until they actually get something in front of their eyes. So keep that in mind if you decide investing into Facebook ads – be patient!

Another con would probably be the fact that you need to have a budget. Even though Facebook ads are really affordable, some people don’t want to spend money on advertising their products or services, which means they will never see results. If this is your case as well – start thinking about how much would it cost for you in order to invest into online marketing!

Last but not least – if something good happens when using Facebook ads (ex: an increase of website visit) – then prepare yourself because more visitors automatically lead to higher bounce rates and lower conversions too! This also brings us back to the first con associated with Facebook ads, so just keep everything under control and try making things work properly!

3 Steps to creating the best Facebook Ads for your ClickBank offers

The answer is simple: follow these rules.

First, figure out which kind of audience do your target customers belong to. For example, if your offer has something in common with the following group of people – then advertise it on Facebook groups that are connected to this interest (for ex., yoga fans). The same applies when targeting potential buyers by age or geographical location – and also for different languages or income level…this list can go on forever! It all depends on what product(s) you’re promoting – so choose wisely. After making a choice about who exactly will be seeing your ads – know where they spend most time online! Some people prefer Twitter over Reddit; others might stick to Pinterest instead of Instagram…you get the point. Remember that you can also take advantage of targeting by interests – it’s a very efficient way to reach customers who are passionate about certain topics and will actually be interested in your offer.

Second, test different copy for your ads! It might sound strange but Facebook is not Twitter – people don’t like short posts or tweets (that’s why we have hashtags); they prefer long-form content which has informational value . When writing ad copy keep this rule in mind: give them something useful first then promote yourself second ; otherwise, there won’t be any conversions at all! The good news is that if you’re promoting ClickBank products you already know what specific outcome/benefit each product offers…so just use these benefits in your ad copy to increase CTR and sales.

Third, use images that are relevant for the offer – pictures of before-and-after results or a celebrity who successfully used some product (for example) might be inspiring enough…but don’t overuse stock photos! Also, keep Facebook’s rules about ads content in mind – it is strictly prohibited to lie on Facebook . It can lead not only to deleting all previous ads but also even blocking your page from advertising…so always check these rules if you want to avoid any problems. Remember: playing by FB’s rules will save you both time and money!

8 proven tips to make your Facebook Ads profitable

The first tip is to pick a product that will give you the highest ROI. If your average ad costs $0.17 and gets 100 clicks, then for every sale of one of these ads, you will make $0.17 * 0 + (100/CPC) = 106 cents on average. So if we assume a 30% commission rate with Amazon, this means that the total revenue generated per conversion would be 37c + 106c = 143 cents – so here are my top ten tips to help get those conversions up!

Tip #2: Do not target too broadly or too narrowly—find just the right sweet spot between highly targeted yet reaching enough people in their newsfeeds to have an impact.

Tip #3: Update and optimize your ads regularly—advertisers should always be trying to improve their Facebook ad campaigns through split-testing various images, headlines, and copy and different targeting options.

Tip #4: Use a large budget—Facebook ads can be super profitable as long as you use enough money to get the message out there. If your ad doesn’t appear in their newsfeed, then it won’t matter how good of an offer they have or how targeted we are!

Tip #5: Make sure that the landing page you send them to is optimized for conversions. This means you need to remove any distractions from the page, have a clear and concise call-to-action, as well as have an attractive offer.

Tip #6: Provide free shipping if at all possible—this is something that will make your visitors more likely to buy since they don’t have to pay for it up front!

Tip #7: Make sure that your product images are high quality and don’t just use stock photos – people want the real deal, not generic stuff!

Tip #8: Have a really strong call-to-action in all of your ads—whether it’s asking someone to buy, sign up for your newsletter or any other compelling offer it needs to be clear and stand out!

Tip #9: Keep the copy of your ads as targeted as possible—don’t use broad language that everyone uses since this means you will get less clicks. Instead try to mix in something specific about their demographic with a strong value proposition concerning what they’re getting when they click on your ad.

Tip #10: Use words like “free”, “new” ,and similar modifiers – these kinds of words are attention grabbing and can lead them straight into making an impulse purchase if done right!

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