Divine Decadence Review

Release date
April 1, 1988 (United States)

Country of origin
United States


Filming locations
French Riviera, France

Production companies
Caballero Home Video, Ferrara-Pachard Productions

1 hour 18 minutes


Same cast plus Joey Silvera added starred in “Sexual Power”, one of four Henri Pachard-directed videos shot in Western Europe back in the day before the Iron Curtain came down and Prague & Budapest become major centers of porn production.

“Divine Decadence” is a rather uninteresting minor video, still extant on DVD in the Caballero catalog.

Silvera gives an extremely poor performance, starring as a husband to lovely Alicia Money who is impotent with her. He has a panties fetish, and that in sum is about all the plot usually reliable scripter Raven Touchstone conjured up for this quickie.

There are many extras on screen for the opening party sequence at the European villa where Joey & Alicia are staying, including a cryptically masochist-masked male guest. Certain kinky elements are included extraneously before the video ends, including a pointless cameo by director Pachard.

Running gag is equally cryptic, as a Euro brunette keeps asking “Where’s Ramon?”. and end credits reveal both Tom Byron and a Euro actor play the role of Ramon. Completing the front line of Chatsworth imports, Nina Hartley is cast as Alicia’s sister.

Silliest element of Touchstone’s screenplay has Silvera deathly afraid of water, so he keeps getting pushed into his pool, causing him to screech like a banshee. Apparently Pachard and co.. were bored shooting this junk and amused themselves which shtick lost on a paying audience.(

(This was originally taken from the IMBD site.)