Extreme Productivity by Robert C. Pozen

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If there is one subject that fills more space in business bookshelves, it’s time management. At some point, we have all asked ourselves the question: “How can I get more time to do the things I want?”. Your timekeeping objectives may be career development, time with family, or a better work / life balance. In this week’s Readitfor.me Summary, we hear how Robert C. Pozen has successfully tackled the problem and how using his advice we can achieve Extreme Productivity, Boost our Results and Reduce our Hours.

Pozen’s methodology is built on a single premise: in order to be productive, we must focus on the results we want to achieve, not the time we spend at work. He tells us that to maximize productivity we need to apply three related ideas:

#1: Articulate and Rank our Goals.

#2: Focus on the Final Product.

#3: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff.


Irrespective of what we are doing, we should know two things: why are we doing it and what do we want to get out of it. To answer these questions, Pozen gives us a six-step process.

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