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+ Select the RIGHT product on W+ or JVZoo. You would ideally want to go for a product that is getting traction, has a higher conversion and low refund rates, is sold by a high-quality vendor and if possible, provides recurring commissions. 

+ Build a quick review video on YouTube. You can contact the vendors personally for JV access or you can use the review video provided. However, personal reviews are always recommended. Start the review video with what matters the most for your audience. 

+ Create your bonuses (exclusive, PLR or videos). You can join a site like IDPLR or Resell Rights Weekly. You can use your YouTube videos. You can create full-fledged courses or training sessions fast and easy with a cool, productive technique used by most six-figure affiliate marketers. 

+ Build the landing page (Commission Gorilla is best!). There are a few other landing page software that does not charge recurring fees. You can also build it out of WordPress. Landing pages need to contain sales elements and focus on the benefits of the product. 

+ Do the “secret” hacks to rank your video high on YouTube (keyword optimization, social shares and backlinks). You can optimize the title, the description and the tag section while uploading your video. Building backlinks and generating social signals help when done the right way. 

+ Reap instant affiliate sales commissions! That’s it. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme. You have to put in a little bit of effort to make it work. But once it rolls, you can sit back and relax on your easy chair and sip on that pina colada. 

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