What is my favorite traffic source for IM niche?

To start with, let me ask you a question first.

“What should your dream traffic source look like?”

For me, it would have to have the following characteristics:

It should be fast (I mean, FAST!).

It should be relatively cheap.

It should build an asset.

It should convert well.

If you look closely, not all traffic sources fulfil all these criteria.

If they are fast, they are not cheap.

If they are cheap, they don’t build an asset.

If they build an asset, they take longer to grow.

Then again, not all niches are suitable for all traffic sources.

Especially if you are in the internet marketing space and want to promote affiliate offers every now and then, you cannot go with Google Ads or Facebook Ads. Biz Opp and MMO offers are almost a strict no-no on these platforms.

If you are promoting casino or gambling, regardless of what type of gambling it is, forget all these so-called “white” networks.

For me, since I delve in the home business and internet marketing niches, my favourite choice is always, and always, solo ads.

I mean, think about it.

Pick a genuine offer―something that helps people start a business or make money.

Create the opt-in page and the thank you page with a free giveaway.

You can mention the affiliate offer on the thank you page or inside your emails.

Buy clicks from a good solo ad vendor. (Note: you are not buying impressions.)

That’s it.

You are done.

The best solo ad vendors will even write their own emails to ensure they work for their lists.

How easier can it get, right?

Where to buy solo ads from?

Here are a couple of choices:

SoloAdsX Directory


Udimi (if you open an account through this link, you get $5 bonus for signing up.)

Remember, the RIGHT offer and the RIGHT vendor can work wonders in just a few hours.

Check the video below to watch an interview with Harris Fellman, the founder of Traffic4Me agency, who gives you an honest insight into the solo ads world.

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