Ford Hires Apple Car Executive Doug Field

Doug Field, an executive at Apple who most recently worked on its undisclosed electric car project, said Tuesday he had joined Ford to work on the automaker’s internet-connected car services. The move could cast doubts about Apple’s car effort, which have been plagued by various setbacks over the years, including in a separate set of challenges in developing self-driving car software to power the cars.

In a call with reporters, Field declined to discuss his work at Apple, CNBC said. Field worked at Ford and other hardware companies including Segway before landing at Apple in 2008, CNBC said. He joined Tesla around 2013 and helped develop the Model 3, including overseeing its factory production, but in 2018 was pushed aside by CEO Elon Musk amid technical difficulties. Field rejoined Apple to work on Project Titan, the company’s undisclosed effort to develop an electric car. The effort has been a long shot from the beginning, given that vehicles are radically different from personal electronics. Internally, Titan’s early rallying cry was to build the “iPhone of cars,” former members of the team have said.