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One, they’re going to tell you to go out and just create a product, and then they are going to tell you to create a branding page, something that is going to brand you, brand your company, and it’s all about branding.

This next thing they’re going to do is they’re going to tell you to create a blog. One of those things that worked really well 10 years ago, but today, Blogging is on the decline. BuzzSumo revealed that content marketing is 50% less effective than it was 3 years ago…and it’s still trending down.

Social Media organic reach isn’t dead, but it is on life support. That’s also trending down.

Don’t get me wrong—blogs and social media are still important content marketing efforts that should not be ignored. They’re the means by which you ATTRACT followers and build a list of people who want to hear from you regularly.


If you’re like most companies, blogs and social media posts are not reliable revenue streams.

And then they are going to tell you to go out and create a sales page. Now most of the people that are telling you this, they’re usually selling sales pages, and that’s exactly why they tell you to do that.

They don’t care if you sell anything, but they want you to create a sales page and use their software to make it happen. Then they will tell you to create an upsell page, because you know what, the software they want you to buy is going to help make that happen.

Then they are going to tell you to create a member’s page because usually, the software they are trying to sell is going to make sure that you create that too. And then they are going to tell you to go out and spend money on ads and then pray to sell the product. After you sell the product, you do the customer support.

Who in their right mind would ever choose to go down that long, hard road when you don’t even know if there is gold at the end? If you think about it from this perspective, you are starting out not even knowing if anybody will buy it at all.

That’s where this secret email system comes in.

The best thing about the system is it produces self-funding subscribers and this is the easiest way for you to start making real money online.

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