Good to Great by Jim Collins

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Although Good to Great was published many years ago, and I would argue that since then the rules of the game have changed, Collins (if he would return my phone calls) would probably say that these principles are timeless, even if the companies themselves aren’t.

The 6 Things That Will Make a Company Great.

1. Level 5 Leadership

If you said, “hey, if Level 5 is the best, then there must be levels 1 through 4” you’d be right. Here they are. If you are a highly capable individual, then you are a Level 1. If you are a contributing team member, you are a Level 2. If you are a competent manager, you are a Level 4. If you are an effective leader, you are a Level 4. And finally, if you build a paradoxical blend of humility and professional will, you are a Level 5 executive.

Still not sure if you are a Level 5 or not? Here are some clues.

If you have ambition for your company rather than yourself, you are a Level 5. If you have a compelling modesty, you are a Level 5. If you have an unwavering resolve to do what must be done, you are a Level 5. If it turns out that you aren’t a Level 5 leader, or don’t want to be, this book is not for you.

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