Google Workspace adds calls from the Gmail app and more options for ‘hybrid work’

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Google has announced a pack of new features that are added a Workspace . In this case, the Mountain View company is committed to characteristics designed to promote a hybrid work model ; that is, with part of it being carried out in person and the rest in virtuality.

The announced novelties are various, but there are two that stand out above the rest: one is the introduction of Spaces , an alternative to Slack that takes over from what was previously known as Rooms. The other is that Gmail will take advantage of Meet technology to offer voice or video calls in its mobile apps .

In this way, Google Workspace expands again its catalog of utilities to adapt to the main needs of the work environments still seeking their “new normal” in the context of the pandemic.

The Gmail app will allow you to make audio and video calls

By far, this is one of the most prominent features that arrive at Google Workspace. When activated, Gmail users will be able to call their co-workers directly from the email app . The option will be included within individual chats and will work thanks to the technology of Google Meet . When entering a conversation, two icons will appear: one for voice calls and the other for video calls.

In this way, people can connect more easily, with just one touch , and without the need to share links or open the independent Meet app.

An interesting point to keep in mind is that those who receive the call will not be limited to answering the call. same on mobile. According to those from Mountain View, the communication will generate a “call chip” that will be sent to the computer , in case they want to answer from there.

Google Workspace says goodbye to the Rooms and welcomes you to Spaces

Another new feature announced for Google Workspace is the inclusion of Spaces . This section arrives to occupy what until today was known as Rooms, and offers more options to become a real alternative to Slack. When this new feature is available, users will find the inclusion of several interesting options; among them, the support for conversation threads . They will be visible in an additional column that will appear to the right of the group chat.

Voucher Note that Spaces will be accessible from Gmail, so the email platform will receive a major redesign . This change is available from today for companies, while in the next few months it will reach the rest of the accounts. It is clear, then, that Google has ratified its intention to make the e-mail service the definitive meeting point for the members of a working group.

The inclusion of Spaces in Google Workspace will bring other new features, in addition to the redesign of Gmail and support for threads . For example, Spaces and their content may be visible to all members of a company or organization; Thus, users will have the possibility to find a conversation and join it easily. However, administrators have the option to change the visibility of certain spaces. On the other hand, the platform incorporates new security and content moderation options .

More options for hybrid work and new hardware for video conferencing

Google Workspace also comes with updates for Google Calendar . From now on, users will be able to indicate which days they will work in person and when they will work from home . On the other hand, Google Meet adds a Companion Mode , which integrates the use of audiovisual equipment from a conference room to a virtual meeting.

Finally, Google has presented new third-party devices certified for Meet. These are two all-in-one devices: the Series One Desk 27 , with a 27-inch touch screen, and the Series One Board 65 , 65-inch, 4K resolution.

“Developing a mindset to prioritize hybrid starts with the tools people use every day to connect , create and collaborate, and Google Workspace will continue to play a crucial role in that evolution “, they assure from Mountain View.