Grow Regardless by Joe Mechlinkski

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Contrary to popular belief, small and midsize businesses are the real job creators in America. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, companies with fewer than 500 employees created 64% of net new jobs from 1992 to 2010.

In a hostile business environment, these companies have managed to grow regardless. But how? In this summary you’ll learn about the eQ Growth Methodology. It helps business leaders, a well as their employees, customers and communities.

The eQ Growth Methodology begins with an initiative called “Reset.” It is a challenging – and honest – appraisal of yourself and your company, that helps you learn from the past, accept it, and move on with a renewed commitment to doing better. The methodology then helps companies build their story, hold accountability, empower employees and commit to deliver a new customer promise.

You have the power to grow, regardless of your company’s size, regardless of your company’s industry, and regardless of the economy. Let’s get started.

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