‘Hawkeye’: the little details that the first trailer of the Disney + series leaves us

Clint Barton, played by Jeremy Renner, tries to piece together part of his family life in the upcoming Disney Plus series, Hawkeye (created by Jonathan Igla). After the events of Infinite War , when he loses his loved ones, and after Endgame , when he recovers them through the Hulk’s snap, Clint Barton went through different circumstances. From being an agent and a hero to becoming a murderer.

That mix, seen in the first trailer about the series , it will be key to understanding what will happen in it. Therefore, various issues will be mixed in the story . Clint Barton must recover moments that he could not live before, due to his commitments to The Avengers and some other task in particular, as well as face the consequences that his actions have generated over time. That is the framework in which a character will be presented that, until now, had not had a major reference in the Marvel Cinematic Universe , Katherine “Kate” Bishop, played by Hailee Steinfeld.

Therefore, from the outset, the trailer seems to suggest the essence of the series: closing one character to lay the foundations for another. This role change is part of a policy of character renewal , without completely separating them within the story. That explains, for example, the incorporation of Yelena Belova and also some winks that occur in relation to another key character in the contemporary history of adaptations, Captain America.

Hawkeye: The Ronin Legacy

Later After the events of Infinite War , Hakweye goes through a kind of depression in which he tries to fill the void of his family’s absence by performing any number of missions, becoming a sort of hitman. This figure, within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, has a much more poetic reference: Ronin.

The Ronin is a role that different characters have occupied within the stories of the comics. In the film adaptation, Hawkeye assumes this mantle for a time. Black Widow finds him, tells him about the plan to revive those who died due to Thanos, and abandons him. That is one of the clearest references offered by the trailer for the next Disney series. Especially because those events had a special impact on Kate Bishop.

Clint Barton is putting his family life back together and the news starts talking about a vigilante who wears himself I brought him when he became Ronin. Then, Barton understands that, in some way, that past has generated consequences in the narrative present of the series. It is not so much a matter of jealousy, in code “they have taken my role” but of responsibility; Along the way, Hakweye made many enemies by wearing the Ronin mantle. Now those enemies are chasing someone who doesn’t seem aware of the adversaries they will face.

Within Marvel mythology, Ronin refers to a Japanese term that describes a samurai who goes through life without major rule. A lonely character, a warrior who does not obey anyone. Kate Bishop takes on this alter ego and Clint Barton starts chasing her to make her change her mind. The result? They end up working together because, in addition to the Ronin peculiarity, Kate Bishop is also good at shooting arrows.

Steve Rogers: a memory

One of the first sections of the trailer for Hawkeye , the series, shows an advertisement about “Rogers: the musical”. It is a poster promoting the artistic staging tribute to Captain America . At the bottom of that same scene, a “Thank You” is read. Too much information put together not to think that it is a thank you towards one of the most prominent contemporary icons of contemporary pop culture.

In turn, it serves as a sort of wink to the character. Before being Captain America in every sense of the character, it must be remembered that Steve Rogers was used as a kind of motivator through acts. Now, so long later, and without him within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is the society that makes artistic manifestations to celebrate and keep his legacy alive. At the end of the trailer for Hawkeye turns to this idea, showing a scene from the musical.

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That genre, apparently, will be key in the series. During this first trailer, the music is geared towards Christmas musicals. Why? Clint Barton, in essence, just wants to spend a quiet Christmas with his family. This serves as an excuse to make different jokes between him and Kate Bishop that serve to build the relationship and expose her admiration for him.

According to the trailer, it is not clear who the adversary will be during this story. Nor was reference made to Yelena Belova, after the wink that occurs between the characters after the end of Black Widow . So, at the moment, there are still many pending in relation to the series.

Hawkeye will be released on 24 November 2021. The series, as happened with WandaVision (Matt Shakman), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (Kari Skogland) and Loki (Kate Herron), will also have six episodes that can be seen through Disney Plus .