He figured out a leaker who was a double agent for Apple

He was not compensated by the Cupertinos, so the former spy of the company was made public.

Although Apple is well known for the strict confidentiality required of employees, small and large leaks regularly prove that even the protection of Cupertinos is far from perfect.

Through the story of a leak formerly a double agent, we have recently gained insight into the desperate struggle for information behind the scenes.

Andrey Shumeyko revealed Motherboard magazine’s role in Apple’s confidentiality campaign. The man, who is also active as JHVResearch and YRH04E, contacted Apple’s security team in 2017 to warn the company of a phishing attack targeting employees of the apple store network.

This relationship led to the fact that by mid-2020, he had already acted as a double agent for Cupertinos within the jailbreaker community that hacked leaks and Apple devices. Although Shumeyko himself was involved in the trade of secret information and prototypes, he sometimes reported to Apple about the information and sources he had acquired.

For example, he revealed the sellers of the stolen prototypes, those with confidential information, but even journalists who had been in contact with the leakers. The motherboard has checked the man’s story, and his emails exchanged with Apple suggest that his account is considered authentic.

Shumeyko says that all this was encouraged by the reparation of his earlier actions and the hoped-for financial gain, but the latter ultimately fell short. The volunteer dual agent kicked the dust with Apple when he unveiled a German employee who sold access to his internal user account.

Shumeyko expected a reward to hit his mark for the catch, but Apple didn’t respond to questions about it, so a few weeks later he sold the information he earned for $ 500 Bitcoin to 9to5Mac, which specializes in apple news. This is how this article was born about the efforts behind the development of Apple Maps, which now includes a reference to a leaker called YRH04E, i.e. Shumeyko.

An interesting moment in the story is that the dual agent apologized almost immediately to Apple’s security team, so even after that, he wouldn’t have regretted maintaining a good relationship with the company. The Motherboard also posted a response from the department, which was stuffed with former soldiers and intelligence:

Please understand that our goal is to protect Apple. All of our actions are guided by the assumption of what is best for the company, our employees, and their customers (of whom you are one). Therefore, your help in understanding the potential dangers – and your insights – are very important to us. My advice is to continue on the right path to building a positive image of yourself. Take the good path to protect Apple. Stick to this and you will be proud as we will be proud of you.

The story-downloading portal also interviewed several leakers and jailbreakers who said they had no idea about the dual role of YRH04E.

Schumeyko, who is struggling financially, has now revealed his story to the world because he feels that Apple has taken advantage of him and has not compensated him adequately for his efforts. The former spy is still “active” in the business, offering an internal Apple document for sale on a Twitter account that has since been terminated.

“I don’t really enjoy this, but I also need the extra money. Unfortunately, I have a lot bigger problems than Apple.”

– summed up Schumeyko for the Motherboard reporter.

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