Hey there…

Let’s start by saying that I am an internet marketer and former copywriter, and I have been in the trenches for quite some time. 

The start was not that glorious though.

I am one of those people who bought hundreds of course, spent dollars on software and tools, and wasted hours on ‘shiny’ new tactics—only to fail every time.

I can tell you that it does not feel good.

I reached a point where I was so frustrated that I wanted to take up my peanuts-paying day job again. I almost felt that dreams don’t really come true.

Those photos of internet marketers buying lavish bungalows, big cars and going on expensive world tours…they were just lies!

But it was not. It was TRUE. 

The problem was with me.

As they say, “if you are not in, you are out!”. And that I was.

The only way to get success in internet marketing (or any business for that matter) is to follow the RIGHT people. I did that.

In my Facebook profile, you will see that I am friends with lots of successful internet marketers. I befriended them and I learnt from them. Everything they said, I noted it down and I took action.

That was not all though. When you follow the right people and see what they are doing and which courses and tools they are investing in, you would not waste your money on every other shiny product that hits the market.

For a newbie though, it can be tough.

To know the right people who are of high value.

To recognize the best courses and software and tools.

That’s why this blog exists.

To make your job easier.

I will share a few invaluable internet marketing tips and tricks that I learnt over the years. Not from any course BUT by following the experts, what they were doing and how they were doing it. 

If you have been trying your luck in this niche for some time, you know that finding genuine people in this industry is like finding rare gems on the street. It’s not rare; it’s rather impossible! 

The only way to succeed is to pay an experienced marketer to become your mentor. That seldom goes into thousands of dollars. Not what someone starting out could afford. 

This blog, as much as it could be, would act as a virtual “mentor” to you. I will share what I know―nothing held back and everything laid bare.

Also, I will bring you honest and transparent reviews of software, courses and tools from the people I put my trust and faith upon—so that you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket while on your internet marketing journey.

If you are curious as to whether I get affiliate commissions out of those products, yes, I do.

That’s only to support my own IM journey. However, I swear, I post ONLY THOSE PRODUCTS AND SERVICES THAT I MYSELF USED AND LOVED.

Only the worthy ones will be featured on this site.

If it is not featured on this site, do know that it is simply not worth it.

That’s it for now.

Wishing all the success and happiness this world can offer.

Yours sincerely,

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