How to Choose the Best High Ticket Affiliate Marketing Offer

This question has been asked a lot of times. I’m sure you will agree that there are many programs out there and it’s difficult to choose which one would be right for you.

High ticket affiliate marketing, like any other business strategy is all about choosing the right product or service, then promoting them using various strategies such as article writing, ezine advertising, solo ads etc., but in addition to these methods, there are also those who use high-ticket products to increase their income by selling others’ stuffs on commission basis.

So what do we mean by “high-ticket” products? Well, they’re not cheap items at all; instead, they have price tags ranging from $1,000 up to thousands (or even hundreds of thousands) of dollars.

how to choose top paying high ticket affiliate programs

6 Ways to Choose the Best High Ticket Affiliate Offer

If you want to make money online with high ticket affiliate marketing, here are some tips and guidelines to consider when selecting an appropriate high-ticket affiliate program.

Make Sure The Program Is Legitimate And Trusted – There are lots of scams around so it’s important that you select only legitimate companies.

You can start your research either by doing Google search or simply go straight to affiliate marketers forums where members discuss affiliate programs and services available.

In order to find reliable affiliate programs, you should look for reviews and testimonials regarding each program. A good way to know if something is legit is checking its BBB rating and review pages (on YouTube or on Google search).

Also, ask people whom you think might’ve tried the company before. However, bear in mind that most people don’t really read through full pages of text while researching affiliates because time is precious, so if the website looks too long or complicated, keep moving!

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Make Sure It Has Great Products That Are High Demand But Rarely Available – One thing you need to pay attention to is whether there’s sufficient demand for the particular products being offered.

For instance, suppose you promote a weight loss program which sells diet pills, you’d better check the market first to see how popular it is among people looking to lose weight, otherwise you’ll end up losing both clients AND sales…

Besides popularity test, having rare and expensive products helps attract more customers as well since buyers get into the feeling that they got great deal just by purchasing it.

To help you decide whether a certain product fits your criteria, you may refer to ClickBank marketplace, Commission Junction and ShareASale.

These three sites offer users information related to different types of affiliate programs so you could easily compare prices and commissions received.

Choose Those With Excellent Customer Support System – Most reputable affiliate programs provide excellent customer support system usually via email and live chat. Some of them even offer toll free phone number for queries.

If possible, contact existing customers to determine if they were satisfied with the quality of the product(s), shipping speed and overall experience.

Remember though that you cannot blindly trust everything said by previous purchasers. People tend to exaggerate things especially positive experiences. Therefore, always take extra efforts to verify claims made by potential partners.

Look At Discounted Promotional Offers – Another way to save big bucks is to join affiliate programs offering promotional discounts.

By joining affiliate programs providing discount coupons, you can actually earn huge savings. Moreover, some suppliers allow affiliates to sell their products for lower-than-normal wholesale price.

Of course, you must remember that you won’t receive 100% profit margin after applying coupon codes, but still it’s better than paying retail price.

On top of saving money, you should also try finding promo offers that come with additional bonuses.

Such bonus deals give affiliates opportunity to earn 2nd tier commissions without adding much effort.

Think About Your Own Niche Market Interest – When deciding on which affiliate program to sign up, you should also focus on your own niche market interests.

If you love cooking recipes, pick products relating to food preparation, or perhaps gardening. Having decided on niche area, you’d probably enjoy discussing related topics with fellow bloggers and webmasters.

What interests you personally?

Do you like talking about travel destinations?

Or maybe you prefer building websites?

Whatever your interest is, chances are you’ll feel comfortable working with products that match your personality traits.

Check Out Their Privacy Policy & Terms Of Service Agreement – Lastly, never forget to thoroughly examine privacy policies and terms of service agreements provided by affiliate programs you intend to work with.

You should know exactly what kind of data you’ll share with third parties and what happens to it afterwards.

Generally speaking, there are two main reasons why you shouldn’t sign up with any affiliate program unless you completely understand these documents:

1) lack of control over your personal info shared with 3rd party providers;

2) possibility of getting scammed due to poor payment security measures.

Good Luck!

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