How I Build Backlinks to My Website

SEO is getting harder all the time and is a far cry from the simplicity of its early days. One of the toughest challenges for internet marketing is finding places to post links that won’t get you penalized.

Content farms and link directories don’t really provide this because they look like link manipulation and because they aren’t generally seen as high-quality resources by Google. Link swaps don’t really work either because it’s normally only the irrelevant and struggling sites that want to trade, which leaves you in a bit of a pickle. 

So what do you do instead? You start looking for other techniques and fortunately, there are a few good ones you can use. Here are some smart new strategies to start building a large, high quality and varied link profile. 

Guest Posts

Guest posts are of course one method you can now use to get your links onto highly relevant and high-quality sites, but this is a strategy that takes a lot of time and requires an element of luck. You can beg bloggers tirelessly to link to your sites and still find they say no. There’s no such thing as a ‘sure thing’ any more then. But with that said, if you pick sites that are close to yours in terms of success, then you’re in with a good shot.

Celebrate Businesses and People 

Writing positive articles on other businesses and other people is a very smart way to bring more traffic to your site. Why? Because people love having their egos massaged and if you write a flattering article about them they will almost certainly do promotion for you. The best things to write about are people that need the extra promotion but that don’t work online – so look for small businesses on Kickstarter or new bands on LinkedIn to write about. Then just point them in the direction of your article and wait… 

Find People Who Don’t Care About SEO 

Believe it or not, there are still some people online who don’t care about SEO. For instance, if you can find a really good fan site that is only in it for the love of their favourite band/actor/hobby then they will almost always be happy to link to your site. The irony is that even though they probably don’t care much about their SEO, they will be highly likely to have good PR that will be very beneficial to you. 

Write for a Group 

Posting links onto forums is still a good way to get PR juice but it can also get you into trouble and get you banned if you’re blatantly being promotional. What’s smarter then is to write posts that are more specifically targeted for those communities and that answer existing questions they have. Write to someone in particular and promotion will be much easier.  


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