Hustle by Neil Patel

In a world of boundless abundance, the only thing standing between us and the fulfillment of our dreams is self-imposed friction and the fear of doing the uncomfortable. The antidote is to hustle. Hustle is decisive movement toward a goal by which the motion itself manufactures luck, surfaces hidden opportunities, and charges our lives with more money, meaning and momentum. Hustle is the most important tool to assert power and own our dreams.

To fully own your dreams, you’ll need three fundamental forces: money, meaning and momentum. Your hustle aims to cultivate and amplify those forces throughout your life. You don’t have to be privileged to hustle – you only need to give yourself permission.

Part One: Heart

The work we choose to do reflects who we are. There once was a time that nearly anyone with a decent work ethic could build a solid career with stability and upward mobility. But now, most people live check to check and can barely keep a job let alone progress in one. Today’s system is a rigged game designed to trap us with student loans, credit cards, mortgages, unfulfilling work, and quickly commoditised jobs.

Owning your dreams means taking action and assuming rightful ownership of your destiny. But too much dreaming leads to too little doing. Move forward. Hustle.

We need to burn into our brains that the goal is not to avoid risk and failure altogether. The goal is to achieve success by taking bite-sized risks.

To own your dreams you must be ready to commit to doing some things a bit differently and be open to surprises along the way. Hustling is about shaking things up, letting go of old patterns that suck the life out of us, and beginning anew.

There are infinite opportunities out there. You don’t have to be stuck feeling “meh” about your job or your life. You are not helpless – you can control your destiny.

When we look at ourselves in the wrong mirrors, we learn to be blind to our talents. But another problem is believing that we have an abundance of talent that we actually don’t.

In order to find and see your true talent, you need to understand two distorted mirrors that prevent you from seeing your true self.

The Lake Wobegon Effect: In the fictional town of Lake Wobegon, all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average. Statistically speaking, it is impossible for everyone to be above average. The Lake Wobegon effect is your ego subconsciously protecting itself from bad thoughts – the truth that you aren’t necessarily above average at everything. Overconfidence has its benefits but when it comes to accurately judging your own hidden talents, the Lake Wobegon Effect hides your truth.

The Kangaroo Court: Just as we often overestimate our abilities in a field in which we want to succeed, we also let ourselves be judged harshly by people who can’t necessarily judge accurately. These people are the kangaroo court of talent. You yourself must determine what your talents and abilities are, and you can’t necessarily rely on others for guidance and support.