Justice has spoken in the case of Apple and Epic Games! (Final decision)

Justice has been done. We are referring to the case of Apple and Epic Games, where the court gave its final verdict. The company should allow the App Store developers to be able to redirect users to alternative payment methods, thus enabling them to exceed the 30% commission that Apple receives.

The Judge Gonzales Rogers, in her Epic verdict, stressed that Apple violated California’s Unfair Competition Act and called for an end to blocking developers from including in their applications metadata, buttons, external links that lead users to non-App payment methods Store.

However, the court’s verdict settles other issues of the dispute. The judge ruled that the App Store did not violate antitrust law. Also in favor of Apple was the verdict regarding the counterclaim of Epic for breach of contract by Apple with Apple. Epic must therefore pay Apple $3.65 million, equivalent to 30% of the $12.2 million Epic earned from Fortnite iOS players between August and October 2020 through the Epic Direct Payment system.

Epic must also pay Apple 30% of the revenue it received through this system between November 1 and today. Today, the court confirmed what we all know. That the App Store is not in violation of antitrust law. As the court acknowledged, the success is not illegal Apple emphasizes. For its part, Epic said: Today’s verdict is not a victory, Epic is fighting for fair competition between payment methods and app stores for billions of users.