Leadership & Self Deception by Arbinger Institute

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We have all been in situations, both at work and in our personal lives, where other people just seem to be in the way. They just don’t get it. They don’t understand us or what we need. They are selfish and self-centred.

In those situations, the authors say, we are “in the box” and are suffering from self-deception.

This excellent book by the Arbringer Institute pulls back the blinds that are making us act in a way that is toxic to relationships – business and personal – and guides us how we can identify when we are under the influence of self-deception and self-betrayal. And by how by changing our frame of mind, we can get out of the box and benefit from appreciation of others.

What Being “In The Box” Looks Like

Let’s start with an “in-the-box” example we can all relate to.

Joe is taking a short flight for business and arrives at the airport with just enough of a window to get to the gate and board.

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