Likeable Business by Dave Kerpen

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Dave Kerpen is a social entrepreneur and author of the book “Likeable Social Media”. He first sprang to fame as the “Crunch ‘n Munch guy” at sporting events in and around Boston. In his latest book, Dave advances the concept of “Likeable Social Media” into business. He explains why customers now demand more and how leaders can deliver to create likeable businesses.

The book is full of examples that illustrate Dave’s eleven strategies. So here, together with handy exercises (let’s call them Kerpen’s Calls) are those eleven strategies for organizations of all sizes to spur profit growth and overall success.


We’ve all heard the saying: ‘God gave us two ears and one mouth… so use them in that ratio’. But how many of us really listen? When people feel like they have been listened to, they open up and give you a chance to form a relationship. Listening to work colleagues and employees helps build a positive culture that makes work and business better by making people feel important. Listening is a science and Kerpen suggests it can be broken down into four parts: research, feeling, intimacy and mirroring.

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