Is LiveGood Worth the Hype? My Honest Opinion!


Hi, this is Ron here…

Are you wondering if LiveGood is all worth the hype or not?

Well, in this video, I am going to tell you what I think.

The good, the bad and the in-between.

So, to start with…

The idea behind LiveGood…

As I understood from Ben Glinsky, the CEO’s recent videos…

It is to revolutionize the whole network marketing industry.

Big claim?

No, it is not.

Let’s dig deeper.

You see most MLM schemes are accused of one common issue.

The prices of the products are too high.

Why is that?

It is to pay the compensation of all the affiliates.

The problem is, because of the high price, the products don’t sell well in the market.

If the products don’t sell, the underlying foundation cracks…

And the MLM program crumbles. Ouch!

However, let’s look at one of the products of LiveGood.

livegood products

This one, the Bioactive Multivitamin for men, sells for $17 as you can see.

For the members, it is $9.95.

Now let’s take a look at Amazon.

livegood vs amazon

The alternatives here sell for almost the same price or even higher than that.

Think about it, if I were a potential customer, which one would I choose:

LiveGood or Amazon?

The answer is simple, right?

When the products are good and the business is competitive in the retail market, you know that the opportunity is good too. No doubt about it.

Okay, the second thing you need to look at is the compensation plan.

livegood affiliate compensation plan

In LiveGood, you can make money in 6 ways.

  1. If you refer someone and he becomes an active member and affiliate, you get paid $25. That’s for each referral. This basically goes on 10 levels. You refer someone, they refer someone in turn, the other person refers another person… you know how it works. You will be collecting commissions on all of that.
  2. The good thing about matrix plans is that you get paid even if you don’t refer anyone. It might take some time for your downline to get filled up but then again it is a 2×15 forced matrix. That means, only two people under each member. The spillover should happen pretty fast. You should start seeing results in about a month or so to be honest. You won’t become a millionaire though.
  3. LiveGood offers matching bonuses 5 generations deep. Which means if your referral earns $6000 in their matrix, you earn $3,000 dollars. Also you get the matching bonuses based on your rank. So someone on your 2nd Silver generation, may also be your First Generation Gold, and your First Generation Platinum, so you would get a 10% 2nd Generation Silver Match, a 5% 1st Generation Gold Match, AND a 5% 1st Generation Platinum Match on that persons entire matrix!
  4. Number four, if you sell the product at retail price to someone, you get 50% of the difference between the retail price and the member price. For example, if someone buys this product at $17.95 instead of $9.95, you make half of $8, that is, $4.
  5. If you are pushing large volume though, you will be treated as an influencer and also get an extra bonus on the amount of sales generated by you. The percentages can differ according to the retail volume you have done.
  6. Last but not least, if you are a Diamond member, you will partake in the monthly bonus pool of 2% of the total company sales that month. This is split between all the Diamond ranked members.

>> Join LiveGood today <<

So two things that make LiveGood a really, really good opportunity…

The quality of the products and the profitable compensation plan.

However, the key is to join fast and as soon as possible. Unless you lock in your position, what happens is, the powerline moves ahead of you every week, most probably on Thursday. And it’s filling really fast.

You can see here. It’s 8457 today. It was 6500 something yesterday. It’s literally filling every minute as you can see here.

The more people you have under you in the powerline, the faster you will get to profitability and start making those commissions.

Another thing that most people don’t understand is—the speed at which your downline gets filled depends on how many referrals you are bringing to the company. It’s only fair that a super active member who is working his ass off should be compensated better than someone who is lying around like a lazy bum, right?

Yes, yes, you can still make above of 2 grand a month without even referring anybody but…

It’s better to get active now.

The opportunity is trending up.

You will have an easier time signing people up.

And to make it even easier, if you join under me through the link in the description, I am going to give you access to my private group where I give weekly training to affiliate and network marketers on how to promote their offers better and in a more effective way.

Not only that, I will share another special gift…an all-in-one internet marketing training that is currently selling for $2,000. That will be a surprise for you, alright?

Once you sign up, just get in touch with me on Facebook. And we will get things moving.

One condition though…

You have to work hard. If you don’t, I don’t want you in my downline, alright?

So there you go.

Is LiveGood worth the hype?

Absolutely yes.

That’s why I have joined the program and I believe you should too.

Till next time, ciao.

>> Join LiveGood today <<

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