How to make money online without investment in 2023 (for students)

So you want to make money fast online WITHOUT an investment? It’s possible, almost as fast as within 24 hours… but let’s start with one simple truth first. You are going to invest your time and energy anyway and it is not going to be a free lunch.

That said, since you don’t have to invest in cash, we can say that it is still without any huge investment on your part—as a student, you need that.

The following are the top ways to start making money online without any investment. Some are more hectic and challenging than others. Choose the one you like.

Freelancing: I put this on top of the list because it gives you the chance to use any skill that you already have and make some fast cash.

You can try,, or (the best one!). The only investment you need is your time and energy—I mean a lot.

You have to prospect. You have to do discovery calls. You have to develop your portfolio.

As a student, it might get a bit tough at times. Especially with exam schedules and all.

If you can manage your time and master any high-income skill (copywriting, graphic designing, video editing, social media management, etc), this is the way to go.

someone sitting in front of the laptop publishing a web page

Blogging: this is the second best way to make money without any investment as a student.

Why? Because all you have to do is learn about a subject well and teach others about it.

Pick a niche. Research a lot. Write a lot.

You don’t need any big investment. However, you have to buy the domain and hosting though—those are the bare minimum.

But the domain costs $10 per year and the hosting is merely $1 per month.

I am sure even a student can bear these costs. The profit potential is huge though (read this).

GPT sites: Online surveys, watching videos and ads, installing mobile apps, receiving paid-to-read emails, sweepstakes… almost anything that you are supposed to do to earn a few cents per action.

YSense, Prizerebel, Swagbucks, Surveyjunkie, MySoapBox, KashKick, Cointiply, SuperPay, Honeygain, Timebucks, Peer2Profit, FeaturePoints, InboxDollars and RewardXP—these are probably some of the best GPT sites out there.

They usually pay $2-5 per hour and are an easy way to make some quick pocket money for a student.

Sell on eBay/Facebook Marketplace: To make money online fast, you must have “something valuable” to offer.

It can be your old textbooks or your baseball cards collection—anything that might be of interest to anyone and they would love to pay to get it. Look around your house.

Once you make a list of the items you can give away to someone, decide where to sell it.

eBay? Check this.

FB marketplace? Check this.

Beta testing: As a beta tester, your job is to test apps and websites and submit your user experience feedback or recognize bugs or issues.

Not only do you get the chance to make money from anywhere in the world, but also try out some of the latest apps and websites that might become the next Facebook (who knows!).

Beta testing pays anywhere from $10 to $100 per hour. The top 10 percent of beta testers can make as much as $150,000 per year.

Some beta testing sites to check out are,,, and

Sell insurance: Independent insurance agents, let’s call them freelancers, can make up to $90,000 per year—much more than what captive agents make.

If you have a high school diploma or a GED and can qualify for the producer (license) exams, you can start selling insurance.

You do not require any investment, and this might be better suited for finance students in college or university.

You earn real-world experience and still make some good money.

Cold outreach: Most businesses need appointment setters who can turn leads into booked calls.

If you are adept at cold messaging people on Facebook, Instagram, email, or anywhere else and scheduling discovery calls with prospects, you are golden in this business.

All you need is a phone/tablet/laptop + good Wi-Fi. The best way to find these gigs is through Facebook or Slack groups. Search for “high ticket appointment setting jobs” on Facebook.

You will usually be paid a fixed stipend or commission on the number of sales generated through the calls. How much? As much as $5,000 per month.

a teacher explaining something in front of a whiteboard

Tutoring: If you are a native English speaker, you literally have a clientele all over the world ready for you to teach them something.

You guessed it. It’s English, spoken or written. Sign up on Chegg, Tutor, or Wyzant as a tutor and you are good to go. One word of advice: do this only if you love teaching. (I hated teaching and this was a nightmare for me.)

However, you can make some serious cash if you deliver quality lessons and get good ratings on these sites.

Again, no investment required.

Lead gen: Every business needs a regular flow of leads. No leads mean no new business. And who gets those leads?

The lead gen specialist—mostly done via paid ads where the business not only pays for the advertising cost but also for your expertise in running these ads.

The only caveat is how you are going to develop this expertise without spending a few hundred dollars in paid ads yourself for practice. Or simply get a job at a startup.

You can make a lot of money as a lead gen specialist but the barrier to entry is high.

A little investment might be required—not necessary though.

Transcription: Yes, AI is taking up jobs in this niche left and right. But I can tell you right now, the robots don’t make for good transcribers. At least for the time being.

Sign up for a site like Rev and start transcribing away.

You can make an average of $250 per month (some top earners make above $1,500 though)

Affiliate marketing: One of the best ways to start making some fast cash online without any form of investment is by being an affiliate marketer.

You are probably members in various Facebook groups or WhatsApp communities.

You probably are a part of your high school network.

Use those channels, and recommend them a particular product that you loved using recently.

They would ask for a link or something and that’s when you share your unique affiliate link provided to you by the product vendor. That’s it.

They order the product and you get the commission. See how easy it is.

That leads us to the next point…

writing and publishing books as a writer

Become a content creator: This will take some time to get started but boy, when you do, you will become a millionaire.

No joking. Ever heard of PewDewPie? The guy is worth billions.

How? He creates funny videos and has millions of followers who love his content.

If you are not into videos, how about writing on Twitter?

If you are more into speaking into the void, try podcasts.

Whatever it is you like, create conversations.

Once you have an audience, you can start making money through sponsorship posts, display ad revenue, and affiliate programs.

How much? Millions of dollars, seriously.

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