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Becoming an internet adult content creator is one of the easiest ways to make money online in 2023. And how better to make money from adult content than on Pornhub, right? (Onlyfans fans, please don’t frown.)


You can make as much as $6,000 per week as a top model and cam girl on Pornhub. However, if you are uploading only free videos, you might be earning around $100 for every 200,000 views on your videos.

The best way to make money on Pornhub is to sign up for the Pornhub Amateur Program, and start posting free-to-watch or premium paid videos, and on-sale, downloadable content on Modelhub. You can also earn through your Fan Club and occasional tips.

If you are starting out on Pornhub—a great decision btw, you certainly have some questions on your mind. I would try my best to answer them in this article.

Is it safe to make money on Pornhub?

The question of safety comes up first and understandably. The world is filled with perverts who would do anything to get their hands on your real name, phone number, and address.

The only way they can get your personal details is if they get leaked from Pornhub itself. So, should you hide your true identity from Pornhub management? Unfortunately, you cannot do that.

You have to reveal your original identity via government-issued IDs before you can withdraw the payout from the system. However, Pornhub states that since your personal details are private and sensitive, they have installed strong security in place.

Still, there is always a chance of someone recognizing you and posting your real name and number in the chat below the video.

In short, if you can’t handle yourself being in the adult industry, you should stay away from this.

How much money can you make on Pornhub?

Do you still want to go ahead with this? Cool.

So, there are 4 ways to make money on Pornhub:

  1. Earning ad revenue on free-to-watch content
  2. Earning view share rate on paid (premium) content
  3. Selling downloadable videos on Modelhub
  4. Making money through tips, and Fan Club.

Here is the percentage share of adult content creators for each category above:

Category Percentage
Free-to-watch videos $0.69 CPM
Paid, premium content $45 CPM
Custom videos 65
Downloadable Modelhub videos 65
Other (tips, Fan Club, etc) 80

Payments are made monthly, with a minimum threshold of $100 USD.

(If you make $99 the previous month, it will accumulate and roll over to the next month.)

The processing of payments takes place during the first week of the next month, and the processing time depends on what payment method you have chosen in your profile settings.

Paxum clients are usually paid faster by the second or third week of the month.

Checks are delivered by the third week of the month.

That’s not all though. You can also work as a webcam model where the work will depend on the number of hours worked and your experience as a model. You can easily make up to $6,000 per week once you earn your reputation as a top model a on the site.

Here’s what Jessie Lee, a webcam model, and a hosiery connoisseur, writes about being a cam girl:

“I made about $1500/month until I really studied what was happening on the website and where the traffic and tokens seemed to flow. On that 3rd month, I made about $20,000 and more or less was able to maintain that for four years…on average. Month to month could see huge fluctuations. It takes stubborn determination and a constant psychological struggle to maintain the confidence required to generate that kind of consistency over time. It will also absorb your entire life; you’ll rarely see friends, and you end up virtually housebound and extremely isolated from real people in real life…that’s what it takes to stay at the top, at a minimum. There are other factors that must come together synergistically with that much work and dedication, but the heavy workload and isolation is fundamental.”

That’s not all. Many use Pornhub as a launch platform for their career in the adult industry.

You can build your private subscriber base on Onlyfans or even through the dedicated fan club on Pornhub itself.

Pornhub gets 92 billion visits per year. That’s a lot of potential eyeballs on your… ahem, videos. So, if even 10,000 people subscribed to a $9.99/year membership, you are making almost $100,000 a year. Whoa!

Not only that, if you get popular on the platform, you can be sourced by adult film directors and you can become a pornstar even. The average yearly income of a pornstar is $51,099. But the top ones make millions.

How to maximize your income on Pornhub?

Pornhub is a full-fledged video site that reveals a lot of data on the users visiting the site. For example, you will find statistics on which hours are better to reach the audience from a particular region or to target a particular gender on the site.

You will find this audience data by scrolling down on the Earnings page inside your Pornhub account.

This data is pure gold—study them like a data scientist and figure out a perfect content publishing strategy that gives you, the creator, the maximum buck for your bang (pun intended).

Can a teen make money on Pornhub?

No, unfortunately, a teen under 18 years old cannot even open his or her account on Pornhub. It’s not legal in the United States (or probably any other country in the world).

You have to be of legal age to enroll in the Pornhub Amateur program. So, you better focus on your studies for the time being.

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