41 Experts Teach How to Make Money with Curated Content

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TAKEWAY: Content Curation saves you time, money and energy, and lets you create HUGE VALUE for your audience. Always make sure that curated content is up-to-date, relevant, reliable and unique. Run display ads, sponsored posts, affiliate products or physical store. The options are limitless as long as your add value for our readers.

“Content Curation”, sometimes referred to as simply “curation” remains a hot topic with blogging experts–many continue to see great results through their own curation projects, and some of the best digital marketers around are cheerleading the practice of curation and teaching people about the income possibilities.

Brian Clark, the founder, and CEO of Copyblogger has been talking about the income potential of content curation for a few years now.

What is Content Curation?

When you collect, gather or organize different pieces of content around a shared topic and present them together in an appealing way. This typically is done either by reproducing part of the original content and linking to the entire post or by adding your own commentary (opinions, insights) along with the curated content. 

To help you get a better glimpse at the possibilities content curation could bring to your bottom line, I asked forty professional bloggers and digital marketers what their thoughts and ideas are on the topic.

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