Making Money with Webinars for Internet Marketers

A new piece on Hubspot says virtual events are – perhaps unsurprisingly, given the current times – popular in 2020. This article looks at how you can make sure webinars are successful and attract a large audience.

The article talks about how events like webinars have had a revival amid lockdowns and examine some of the ways you can make your own events more engaging, and how you can ensure you get as many viewers attending your webinars as possible.

We’re told that, because of their educational format, webinars offer several pluses for brands. You get to build some authority and demonstrate expertise in your field by hosting events like these – and it’s a great way to connect with your customers at the same time. But, what do customers want, and more specifically, what makes them remember to tune in to events like webinars?

The author surveyed 400 consumers about their webinar preferences, at the same time, asking what motivated them to attend virtual events. The first thing was that attendees like webinars that help them explore passions. People are also attracted to webinars that help them advance their careers.

Which webinars are you most likely to attend in 2020?

Webinar attendees also prefer certain teaching styles.

“Which webinar format sounds most engaging to you?”

It seems many attendees like a fairly straightforward and simple approach to presenting, but the author warns you should still make an effort to keep viewers engaged and not base lectures on too broad a topic. Viewers also prefer interactive elements.

“Which element would you most like to see in a webinar?”

If you’re thinking about hosting your own webinars this year, the article is worth a read. This is just a very brief summary of what’s actually quite an in-depth study, and there are some great insights to be had.

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