Match Group Wants Dutch Antitrust Authority to Disclose Enforcement Decision

Match Group sent a letter to the Dutch antitrust agency Friday saying it believes the regulator has reached a decision in its two-plus year investigation of Apple’s App Store business, and is asking for the results to be disclosed, according to a copy of the letter seen by The Information.

In the letter Match said it had been actively cooperating with the regulator since it opened the probe in April 2019 and that last year it filed a formal complaint accusing Apple of violating the law by forcing developers to use its in-app payment system. In June this year the regulator said the probe is focused on the online dating market.

Reuters previously reported the letter from Match.

In the face of intense pressure, Apple has begun making small concessions to developers, most recently this week when it settled a four-year probe by the Japanese authorities and agreed to allow so-called “reader apps” to put a link inside their apps to outside websites where users can pay for their content. Apple also faces App Store related charges from the European Commission and an ongoing U.S. probe by the Department of Justice.

Match said it believes a decision has been reached because of “extensive contacts” the company had with the regulator in July about the confidentiality of Match’s documents. The company said non-confidential versions of documents are only prepared if a decision and potential litigation are imminent.

Now, Match says enough time has passed that the ACM is required to reach and disclose its decision, and requested that the ACM respond within two weeks. “[I]n the absence of a satisfactory response,” it said it will appeal to the Dutch courts.

Match declined to comment on the letter. Apple did not immediately respond for comment. A spokesperson for the ACM did not immediately respond after hours.