Moneyball by Michael Lewis

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Imagine this scenario. Year after year you are competing in a marketplace with competitors who are able to attract the best in the business because of their insanely high payroll. It would be like starting a technology company when your biggest competitor had Steve Jobs from Apple (bless his soul), Jeff Bezos from Amazon, and Mark Benioff from Salesforce decided to join forces with the sole purpose of crushing you. Not a pretty situation.

Now imagine, that somehow you’ve found the secret to beating the dream team year in and year out. You’ve somehow found the magic formula that shows you exactly how to win more often than your competition. Sounds like an impossible fairytale, right?

This was the exact position that Billy Beane – the general manager of the Oakland A’s found himself in roughly a decade ago. This is the story of Moneyball, and the 8 lessons you can learn from one of the greatest baseball stories of all time.

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