My #1 Moneymaking Method with Facebook Pages

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Sell clicks to 3rd party sites/landers.

Simply, you are driving Facebook traffic to a client’s website or landing page – and you get paid for it.

For example, you can cut a deal where you are paid $10 for 1,000 targeted visitors to the site or page. (If you are aware of solo ads, this is going to be just like that where the origin of traffic will be Facebook.)

All you do is to post third-party content on your Facebook page and you promote them.

If you have a large page, you promote organically. If your page does not generate organic reach, you can use boost your posts to generate traffic to the piece of content.

Why do I like this method?

  • You don’t have to create content. Your clients supply you with top-notch content every single day.
  • You schedule the posts through MeetEdgar and it takes you only 4-5 minutes at best.
  • You are growing your page as a BONUS while promoting others, and you are getting paid for it.
  • You don’t need a website. You need an engaged Facebook page.

Who creates the content?

It’s the clients who pay you to promote their content. Of course, you can create your own content if you feel like it and want to. That would mean more work for you.

Many, including me, do opt for this from time to time. Especially when the client’s content does not conform to the overall branding of my page.

Then again, if you are sharing generic, viral posts, you don’t need to do that. Also, if the post is working well for your client, it’s likely that the graphic and text caption is of high quality already.

Does it work for any niche?

Yes and no.

Results will vary.

Facebook works for some niches better than the others.

It is wise to choose to work in those niches, or there is another way to do it―go with a wide variety of posts in your Facebook page.

You should be able to cover from memes to parenting to weight loss.

In that way, you can deploy this strategy better.

Viral posts are always welcome because they helps to engage audience and perhaps, broaden the target audience.

If you still feel confused, just create niche Facebook pages instead.

How many posts per day?

It’s not like Twitter, I mean. If you post too much, you can turn off your target audience unfortunately.

If I were you, I would start with one post per day.

Then ramp it up over time.

Keep doing it until you reach six posts per day.

I would keep that as my maximum limit. No more than that.

However, do keep an eye on your engagement metric. If you see the likes, commenting and sharing going downhill, dial back in.

Where can you find clients?

I would probably start by looking for business pages on Facebook and reach out to them with an offer.

Since these businesses already have a Facebook page, it can be assumed that they are looking to reach their audience on the platform. So, these businesses are low hanging fruits since they suffer from a particular problem that you can solve―I say, help them get what they want and you are golden to them.

Over time, you can cold outreach other businesses via email or phone. You can easily gather leads from a B2B lead database. Since it’s a cold email and not spamming, it’s okay to do it.

But always, look for the businesses that are looking for enhanced reach on social media―Facebook, then Instagram, then Twitter, then LinkedIn.

How much can you earn with this method?

If you charge on a per-click basis, like $10 for 1,000 clicks―what you probably can achieve in 10 days―and you acquire only 5 clients, you can easily make $150 per month. That’s only for 3 posts per month for each client, with each post reaching 1,000 clicks in 10 days.

Frankly, that’s a really below-average kind of scenario. You can do much higher than that.

Ramp that up and you can make even more.

Think about what if you raise it up to 6 posts per day, each post garnerning 150 clicks per day. You will be almost $300 per month. Let’s say, this is for one client only in six different pages. You get four more clients and your monthly income suddenly goes to $1,500 per month.

Do you see the earning potential now?

Mind it, you are not creating the content. All you are doing is simply logging in to a particular social media scheduling tool, fix the posting time for each post and you are done.

At most, you should take you an hour. Not more than that.

So, $1,500 per month for only 1 hour of work per day.

Not bad at all.

The only problem is―you need to have a growing Facebook page with LOTS of followers. Easier said than done.

What I would do in this case is just boost the post. So, if you post 6 posts per day and you spend $1 per day on each post, you are netting $4 per day, which comes down to $120 per month instead of the initial $300.

Multiply that by 5 clients and you are generating a cool $600 per month.

Hey, you started with almost ZERO followers, mind it.

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