More female students will be supported to become even programmers

For the fourth time, Morgan Stanley and NATE are launching their education programs nationwide. Science Association math and programming sessions. The program will continue this year in a “hybrid” system: there will be face-to-face meetings, but most of the classes will be held online, so talented 10th grade girls from all over the country can apply again until September 24th. Women’s IT ambitions have been supported by Morgan Stanley for years, and this year, thanks to the company, participating girls were able to help their peers: in the 2021 semester, they donated tablets through organizations of their choice to girls whose home learning was supported in this way.

For the fourth time, Morgan Stanley’s IT and Analytical Center in Budapest and the Women in Science Association (NATE) are launching a program for high school girls, in which participants can deepen their math skills and learn the mysteries of coding in a basic programming program.

In the previous school year, 22 girls took part in Smartiz sessions online. Thus, while previously mainly female students from Budapest and the capital area could study, last year it was possible to apply from all over Hungary, and this will be the case this year as well. Most of the sessions will be held online in the coming school year, but if the epidemic situation allows, the opening and closing events and the personality development sessions will be held live.

in addition to math and programming sessions, girls should also participate in individual and group career guidance mentoring and skills development programs. In addition to Morgan Stanley volunteers and NATE staff, this year the participants will also meet special speakers who will demonstrate the benefits of STEM tracks through their own example.

Starting push for girls

“The skills needed for programming – rule recognition and creation, consistency, thoroughness and teamwork – are gender-neutral, yet there is a misconception that technology sectors are more masculine professions,” said Gabriella Mátyás-Kollár of Morgan. He is the chief operating officer of Stanley’s IT division in Budapest. to change social attachments and give this initial push to as many girls as possible. ”

Recent research According to him, the demand for IT professionals has doubled in the last five years, and 44,000 digital professionals could still be employed in Hungary. This shortfall could be alleviated if more young girls started on the field. “The proportion of women in IT today is still low, so they are one of the largest reserves in the field,” added Gabriella Mátyás-Kollár. “We are proud that the proportion of women working in IT at the Morgan Stanley headquarters in Budapest is growing rapidly. Many of them also participate in the Smartiz program as mentors, proving that it is possible to pursue a successful IT career as a woman in one of the world’s leading financial institutions. ”

Everyone can be an IT professional

Smartiz is a free development and education program for 10th grade girls, aimed primarily at the development of mathematics as well as digital skills and basic programming knowledge with modern pedagogical methods. The weekly series of professional sessions cover the entire academic year. The unique curriculum was created with the involvement of educators, educational researchers and social researchers to gradually introduce participants to how mathematics and informatics can be utilized in everyday life. Smartiz was formed every year based on suggestions from Morgan Stanley and NATE organizers, as well as feedback from mentors and girls

or mathematician, but the fact that due to lack of support, negative social instincts, girls who do not want to be otherwise would not be able to enjoy and succeed in this field. to go to the fields of science, technology, informatics and mathematics (STEM), who can find themselves in it, whatever their gender, “said Szilvia Sáray, a curriculum developer at Smartiz and head of mathematics.

Tablets for Children in Need

An important core value of Morgan Stanley is that employees give something back to the community they live in. and they work – this is the so-called “giving back” philosophy, which has also been extended to the Smartiz program this year. Girls participating in the program were able to select, with the involvement of NGOs, children in need to whom tablets could be distributed in order to make it easier for them to acquire digital skills.

The program is open until 24 September 2021. on the website: