OnePlus Buds Pro Review: Strong player at €149

During my summer vacations I received a parcel that kept me company for the rest of them. The reason for the OnePlus Buds Pro, which have been with me for two weeks as my main headset for my music needs, but also for my calls. The headphones come at € 149 from the OnePlus page. In terms of pricing, it comes as a direct competitor to Galaxy Buds 2 and Freebuds 4.

The headphones are the company’s first in a more premium category, coming with Active Noise Cancellation and wireless charging.

Let’s look at them in more detail.


The OnePlus Buds Pro come with a very attractive design, both for the headphones and the case. The case is quite small in size and quite thin. We got it in matte black and it comes with a very soft feel. The case itself comes with IPX4 certification, which means that it can withstand a few splashes, but not immersion in water, nor water drop with pressure. You will be covered with any crumbs, but until then.

Opening the case reveals the headphones with a clever placement, more sideways to reduce the space they take up and consequently the thickness of the case. As a result, we get the feeling that we are opening a jewelry case and not a headset. As soon as we open the case, the headphones connect quickly to our mobile phone, if we have paired, of course, the first time.

The headphones are very beautiful, with a small “stick”, smaller from most of the competition headphones. This in itself could make them stand out aesthetically, but their overall design is distinct and comfortable, from the very well-designed headphones we have tried.

In the box, we will find pillows silicone for every ear size, while in the application we have the option to control their application, to be sure that we wear the best possible.

The headphones come with IP55 certification, so you do not have to worry about any water from your rain or sweat.

The headphones are very light (4.25g) so they are quite comfortable in

Finally, in the cradle we have the control of the headphones, since it recognizes pressure from our hands, which is preferable to the touch surface, in order to avoid the wrong touches.


The headphones come with 11mm guides that cover a range of 20-20,000Hz. They reach a maximum intensity of 98db (for the Chinese market 102db), which is quite high intensity. OnePlus Buds Pro also offers Active Noise Canelation, and has a smart function that automatically adjusts the cancellation volume based on ambient noise.

The headphones support SBC, AAC and LHDC v3, with the latest only supported by Nord 2 and will be upgraded to OnePlus 9. It is a fairly new standard and means Low latency HD audio codec and is certified for high quality audio, but is not supported by many devices.

The headphones have very good sound performance for their price, with emphasis on the bass, with relatively little distortion. The mediums are very good, although we would like a little more intensity on these frequencies.

The tall ones on the other hand they are quite loud and relatively clear, with the points that are more intense, jamming a little, but not enough to spoil an overall very good listening experience.

Overall the sound is very good and impressive. It has an exaggeration in the bass, but this is also regulated by our device.

In the case of ANC, the device successfully isolates the surrounding noises and in fact with the Smart ANC function it can recognize the volume of noise around us and adjust the noise cancellation accordingly.


The company claims that the headphones have 4-5 hours with ANC open and 6-7 hours with ANC closed. Based on our tests, the company statements are accurate. Together with the case, the headphones reach 38 hours of autonomy.

The company claims that with 10 minutes of charging the headphones give 10 hours of autonomy, but in our tests with the headphones and the case completely empty, with 10 minutes of charging we got around 3.5 hours of playback with the ANC open, a performance that may not be the one that is advertised, but remains excellent.


OnePlus fits dynamically into wireless headphones with Buds Pro as it is definitely a strong choice for their money. They offer excellent design and very high quality sound.

Their resistance to water and dust, great autonomy and wireless charging, make them a very good choice for this money. They are comfortable, easy to operate and the ANC is at very good levels. What else can one ask for in this money?