Payoff by Dan Ariely

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We use motivation in all aspects of our lives. We motivate our significant others, our friends, our employees, our bosses, our family, and our waitresses. Motivation is a complex psychology.

In his book, Dan Ariely examines the true nature of motivation and what really motivates us to do what we do.

Knowing what drives others and us is an essential step toward enhancing the joy – and minimizing the confusion – in our lives. This is what he has to say.


Ariely has conducted a few experiments to examine the effects of demotivation.

In the first study, he asked participants to build some Lego Bionicles. The participants were offered $2 for each Bionicle they built, and when they were finished they were asked if they would like to build another one for eleven cents less ($1.89 then $1.78, etc). This pattern repeated until they did not want to continue.

The participants were divided into two groups – one group was told that at the end of the experiment, the Bionicles would be taken apart and used again for the next group. The second group’s Bionicles were destroyed immediately upon completion right in front of the builders’ eyes.

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