Presuasion by Robert Cialdini

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For nearly three years, author Robert Cialdini did research about what practices encouraged people to say “yes.” He studied salespeople, direct marketers, TV advertisers, charity fund-raisers, public relations specialists and corporate recruiters. Surprisingly, he learned that the highest achievers spent more time crafting what they did and said before making a request. The best persuaders become the best through pre-suasion, the process of arranging for recipients to be receptive to a message before they encounter it.

It should be noted that no persuasive practice is ever foolproof. This summary will outline many strategies that improve the likelihood of agreement.

Part 1: The Front-Loading of Attention

There are moments in time when an individual is particularly receptive to a communicator’s message.

Cialdini used to go around at parties and offer to read people’s palms. Most of the time, he was simply saying broad statements such as “you are stubborn” or “you are unhappy about something,” but the guests always believed him. This is because, when deciding whether a possibility is correct, people typically look for confirmations of the idea rather than disconfirmations.

Frequently the factor most likely to determine a person’s choice in a situation is not the one that counsels most wisely, it is the one that has been elevated in attention at the time of the decision. A marketer can greatly increase the chances of finding survey participants if they first asked people if they considered themselves helpful. A scientist can increases the willingness to try an unfamiliar product if they begin by asking if they consider themselves adventurous.

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