Rework by Jason Fried & David Heinemeier Hansson

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You can’t do that in the real world, they say. But what is the real world anyways? In the real world, you can’t build a company with millions of dollars in profits with just 16 people. In the real world your company doesn’t shun the wants and needs of the Fortune 500 for those of the Fortune 5,000,000.

In the real world you don’t create a business on the side and with a shoestring budget. And in the real world you certainly don’t let your employees come and go from the office when they feel like it. But that’s exactly how Basecamp operates

The problem with the “real world”, is that it doesn’t exist anymore. While most people who run businesses are busy convincing themselves that the old rules work, there are new rules being written. You can work a normal work week and still build an insanely profitable business. You can work off an insanely small budget and still get things done. You can win a market by under-doing your competition. This is a book about how you do that. Some of these new rules include:

You need less than you think.

Sell your by-products.

Launch now, not later.

Ignore what the competition is doing.

Let your customers outgrow you.

Act like a drug dealer.

These, and about 80 more insights are what you’ll get when you pick up a copy of Rework. It will challenge everything you thought you knew about how to run a business in this new world. Whether you agree with them or not, it will take your thinking in a brand new direction.

This is a book about changing the way you think about business. And when a book comes along that is able to take everything you thought you knew about how to run a business and flips it on it’s head, it’s a true gift.

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