Samsung Galaxy A21: Ignites inside the plane!

The Seattle Times reports on a very serious incident of a smartphone igniting in flight, and in fact a Samsung smartphone. The reason for the Samsung Galaxy A21 according to the information, which made its official debut just last year.

The incident happened at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on August 24. A man who had just disembarked on Alaska Airlines Flight 751. Shortly before the plane took off for its scheduled flight, its Samsung smartphone was immediately engulfed in flames.

The crew managed to contain the fire, but the smoke and suffocating environment forced the crew to order discharge. Note that the device had literally melted to such an extent that it was extremely difficult to identify. The passenger on his part, however, confirmed that it was a Galaxy A21.

Earlier this evening, POSFD responded to a report of a fire in the cargo hold of Alaska Airlines Flight 751. Upon arrival, the fire was contained and passengers and crew were evacuated from the aircraft. (1/2)

— Seattle-Tacoma Intl. Airport (@flySEA) August 24, 2021