The Four Stages S.C.A.P. – From Employee to Entrepreneur

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The following excerpt is taken from the book ‘eSCAPE’ by Anik Singal. Anik built and sold several million-dollar businesses, and featured in BusinessWeek as a Top 3 Entrepreneur Under 25 and had his business featured as an Inc 500 company for 2 years in a row.

If you are looking to start your business, you better pay attention.

Each of the four stages of S.C.A.P. (going from employee to Entrepreneur) are pieces to the overall puzzle of success.

Let’s take a closer look at each of them.

Stage #1: Self

This stage is about what’s going on inside your mind, and it’s the first area we must address. If your mindset, mentality, paradigms, and thought patterns are not aligned with those of an Entrepreneur, nothing else is going to matter.

In this stage, we’ll go over the key changes in thinking that you need to succeed as an Entrepreneur.

Stage #2: Catapult

There are certain characteristics that help us to get started and create momentum.

It’s like trying to push a car that’s stalled. Initially, it will take a lot of effort from several people to get the car going. However, once the car starts rolling, just one person could coast along with one hand on the car to keep it going.

That’s what catapult is all about. We’re going to dive deep into those initial moments that require the greatest amount of work, and we’ll discuss strategies for thriving in that environment.

Creating momentum is a core function that a successful Entrepreneur will need to repeat over and over in their lifetime.

Stage #3: Authority

Authority and leadership are not something we’re taught when we’re young. Because of the way the system is set up, most people never even get a chance to learn these skills.

Just think about your years in school.

Each class would have at least 25 to 30 students in it, but how many students got to be a class leader? Only one.

If you played football growing up, you probably had 60 players on the team, but how many got to be the captain? Just one.

The odds of mastering leadership have been against us from the beginning, but it’s not too late.

Together, we can change this.

Stage #4: People

Last, but certainly not least, we have people.

No matter how confident you are in your abilities, nobody can become a successful Entrepreneur alone. We need a network of the right people around us to help us achieve our dreams. In addition to having the right people, we need the right energy, attitude, and environment.

Controlling your environment, and the people in it can be one of the most difficult elements of becoming a successful Entrepreneur. It’s certainly one of the areas that I struggled with the most.

However, the good news is I’ve been able to develop some iron-clad strategies to help anyone master this stage as well.

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