‘Schmigadoon!’, By Apple TV +, the musical you need to have a good time

In several of his most endearing scenes, Schmigadoon !, the Apple TV musical has all the appearance of a fairy tale. Or rather, a journey through the essence of musicals in their golden age. And while the series clearly aims to become a reinvention of innocent fantasy, its genre streak is powerful.

As much as to remember at times the magic of the movie the Wizard of Oz and the series Pushing Daisies . Between the two, Schmigadoon! lacks the ambition to be anything other than charming entertainment . But even if it may not seem like it, it is enough to sustain what appears to be the most audacious experiment of the Apple TV platform.

Schmigadoon! is also a great look at an often underrated genre. Beyond the successful premises of Damien Chazelle, the musical is relegated to special episodes of series. Or at best cinematic oddities. But the series has enough momentum and spirit to be a journey through a kind of innocent happiness that amazes. The show wants to make the audience happy and the premise is clear from its first scenes.

From love to disenchantment, Schmigadoon! is a gentle transit through deep topics

But he also asks questions about morality, the origin of happiness and small contemporary debates about love. Schmigadoon! hidden under its radiant splendor , a series of reflections on identity, the search for hope and why we love. Overly complicated questions for a series in the final big word does a song have? Certainly, it can be so on some occasions.

There is certainly a deep need to find the bright side of life in Schmigadoon! , but also to question how necessary that optimism . In the end, the series is solid enough to combine both in an almost philosophical search for well-meaning answers.

From love to disenchantment, Schmigadoon! is a gentle transit through deep themes. And although it does not always achieve a sublime look at the sentimental, Schmigadoon! tries hard enough to create a moving show.

‘Schmigadoon!’, A direct journey to the heart

Melissa (Cecily Strong) and Josh (Keegan-Michael Key) they live a romance that goes through low moments. So much so that the script takes the trouble to remember it more than once.

The lives of these devoted and kind doctors are stopped in the middle of a certain vital boredom. Schmigadoon! recounts a first journey towards everyday life and the color palette follows the plot. Dull, a bit opaque, the world of the characters seems to go through a low moment.

Determined to recover the first years of the relationship – idealized and reconstructed -, they undertake a journey in which they are willing to “meet”. It is a term that is repeated several times in the series and that is undoubtedly a way of understanding its core. Schmigadoon! is a metaphor for certain highly personal searches that also connect with something deeper.

In the case of Melissa and Josh, that reconnection with the fantastic and the ideal of finding an answer to the disenchantment is literal. And it is when they almost accidentally run into the city of Schmigadoon! . Halfway between Oz and a kind of paradise of pure joy, the city is a challenge to the imagination.

Because in addition, the town is the pure essence of music. Something so vibrant and moving that it dazzles with its simplicity. Schmigadoon! (town and series) has the ability to dazzle and at the same time be a suggestive response to fantasy.

And they were happy forever… not so fast, but they were

As a mysterious community that it is, Schmigadoon! it is also a riddle. Melissa and Josh are stuck in it until they find true love. And that’s when the series begins a hilarious, quirky and frantic journey to happiness. What is happiness in a place where everything seems to sparkle to the rhythm of beauty? Nobody will tell, much less its extravagant inhabitants.

But the secret of Schmigadoon! is precisely keeping the freshness of its premise intact . Melissa, a music lover, seems dazzled by the town’s ability to turn all feelings into melodies. Josh, more disbelieving, is overwhelmed, bewildered, and befuddled. But between one thing and another, the series finds a way to indicate the right path.

The series has a nostalgic good humor that is reminiscent of the great moments of the musicals of the golden age of Hollywood

There is something gentle and subtle about the way Schmigadoon! cuts through all kinds of themes without losing the hold of the music. From race, small nods to social comments, to the perception of identity: everything happens through the notes. He also does it with a good nostalgic humor reminiscent of the great moments of the musicals of the golden age of Hollywood . One could almost think of a timeless, splendid and radiant space that exists on the edge of a more complex and darker world.

Of course , Schmigadoon! does not miss the opportunity to ask himself interesting questions. Is the town real or is it something Melissa imagines? Is it more than just a dream town seeking to do good? Director Barry Sonnenfeld does not leave clear clues, but the series may not need to give them.

With its careful choreography, songs for almost every imaginable feeling and its slightly confusing hint of mystery, Schmigadoon! It is a box of surprises. A very colorful and endearing one without a doubt. But with a more unique background than might be supposed at first glance.