What is the secret ingredient of every keyword research?

Before you go watch that video, read this.

There is a lot of confusion about what keyword research is.

Normally, one would say that keyword research is all about looking for words and phrases that his target audience is already searching for.

True, but not quite.

Some would also say that keyword research is about finding high potential, low competition words and phrases that let you rank on Google easily.

True again, yet not quite.

Well, the thing is, keyword research is not about the word or phrase per se.

It is about the desired result that the user expects by searching for that word or phrase.

When someone searches for something, he expects a solution (or an answer to his query) BUT in a specific way.

For example, if someone searches for ‘best baby shoes’, he or she wants a review-oriented site to help him find the best baby shoes. He or she might also expect an eCommerce store that lists all the “best” baby shoes in the world.

However, when someone searches for ‘home remedy for acne’, he or she is looking for a content-oriented solution that informs or instructs the solution, supported by reasonable and relevant scientific research.

You see, you should always GIVE THEM WHAT THEY ARE LOOKING FOR.

When doing your keyword research, know that there is always a potential customer at a particular stage of his buyer’s journey. You meet the prospect where he is and lead him thence.

Check out the video below for an in-depth keyword research tutorial.

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